The Battle of the Diets: Is Anyone Winning (At Losing?)


January 17, 2008 presentation by Christopher Gardner for the Stanford School of Medicine Medcast lecture series.

The case for low-carbohydrate diets is gaining weight. Christopher Gardner, PhD, assistant professor of medicine at the Stanford Prevention Research Center, has completed the largest and longest-ever comparison of four popular diets using real-world conditions, which he discusses – the lowest-carbohydrate Atkins diet came out on top.

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  1. Why the fuck is it censored? I managed to get hold of the paper without paying for it. Let me tell you, it's pretty fucking flawed. First off, the compliance was awful on all the diets. The ornish group were pretty much eating a SAD diet at 29% fat (a proper ornish diet is whole foods vegetarian at less than 10% fat).

    This paper is flat out shit, that is why he is censoring it.

  2. Interesting. If you are fat the odds are low carb will address the problem. I can speculate Insulin resistance is preventing glucose for getting to the cells so the body is still hungry. So naturally overweight people will over eat. If you get to a normal weight than either diet will work about the same.

  3. It doesn't matter if other dieters can stick to the diet or not, I want to know if the diet works not. I'll determine my own adherence to diets. I think researchers should stop using ultra generic labels like "high fat" and "low carb" and "low fat" and "high protein". There is no ONE definition of low fat or low carb. The definitions vary from study to study. Also, Atkins diet is credited with getting better results in this presentation, when the diet that actually got the results deviated significantly from the Atkins diet. This is misleading although the presentation recognized this in one slide.

  4. I have never been able to successfully lose weight. I have lost almost 20 pounds on keto/intermittent fasting. I am 65. I have gone from 198 to 182 and am testing my blood sugar. My doctor said my Ac1 was 6. I cant wait to get my new Ac1 number. I am very excited. It is so much easier to just not eat. I am a testament to HFLC success. (High fat low carb)

  5. Its crazy to read these comments, right from the start this guy starts to say that there are a lot of variables that we cant account for. Then goes on and shows the data, and guess what it favors low carb. So of course, the Vegans come out of the woodwork, and once again prove that if its not WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR, then it just doesn't count. For years I been wanting to go vegan, for other reasons, but the lies and arrogance that comes with it is to much. it reminds me of certain religions (if its not our way, then you should die) that's how most vegans are. Which if they knew how much it was hurting their cause then you would think they would stop, but no pride is a killa.

  6. Why was there no mention/consideration given to the fact that LCHF causes significant WATER weight loss? Add the water weight back in and I think the LFHC would come out the winner.

  7. This talk is so interesting. My dad had serious heart disease. He was given Ornish's book that was in the 90s. Since it was in the house I read it cover to cover. I was in high school. Later, in 2001, I bought Atkins book. I did do Atkins and lost huge weight. But I also did Weight Watchers. On Weight Watchers I was within 5 pounds of my BMI but then I moved didn't have ww near me. Then I did physicians diet and it was really hard to do so I gave up. I am back at Weight Watchers lost 40+ pounds. I like because I can eat in the real world. It is slower but I don't mind. This was posted 10 years ago, has it been updated? Because I have friends who swear by the Paleo diet. It is funny to hear him talk about the Paleo diet because it must have been new at the time.

  8. The biggest issue with this study or at least the presentation is that he doesn't clarify how strictly each group followed the given diet. I would venture to guess that people found it easiest to follow the Atkins diet. Iows, Atkins got the best results because it's followers were most true to it.

  9. Cocaine explains Connecticut. I grew up there, lived there off and on in adulthood, rich white people buy stimulants to stay thin. Colorado is outdoorsy, Vermont is outdoorsy, Connecticut is nose candy.

  10. I would love to see results of how Keto what compare even to the Atkins. Or better yet a combination of fasting and Keto. I think the fasting and Keto would dramatically have better results. People tend to compare Atkins and Keto as though they are one in the same, but not true. Keto is significantly more fat and significantly less carbs. From personal experience I can tell you that just 30 days of fasting and nothing else will give you better health numbers like your cholesterol blood pressure etc. than any of those diets.

  11. What works is a balanced diet geared toward you nutritional type. If humans were meant to eat just plants then how did the human race come to be critically dependent on vit. B12 which you don't get from plants.


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