Dr. Oz answers: “What supplements do you take?”


Here’s my first video answer to user-submitted questions on Facebook, Twitter, and mySpace. The question was: “what supplements do YOU take?” Thanks to Sony for sending over a Webbie HD Camera, which I’ve been using to film these in my office. MORE TO COME SOON! Submit new questions at facebook.com/droz, twitter.com/droz, myspace.com/droz.


  1. Being safe is to do the research on our own, without the protocol of a Dr. That's only allowed to give what they will get back in return, an addict that depends on a bunch of bullshit lies.due to addictions from*Dr's. IRMC.

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  3. I take the following:

    Vitamin B,C,D,E
    Magnesium Calcium Zinc (one tablet)
    Cherry extract (for gout)
    Flaxseed oil
    Saw Palmetto
    Cromium Picolante
    and a multivitamin. I also try to eat a slice of raw beet, raw onions if I'm not around people that day, ginger, ACV (capsule or liquid), and moringa. I'm fat, but I have not had a single health issue in ten years. I never get the flu, and can't remember the last time I had anything more than a mild cold. I don't even eat that well, and I drink a ton of soda. I generally take the vitamins every other day, except that I double up on Vitamin C if the flu is going around, taking it twice a day. I don't chew my vitamins, but I do break them up a bit with my teeth to help absorb them. You are welcome to comment and I'll consider any suggestions, but other than that all I can say is I'm almost 59, have perfect eyesight and hearing, and have not had any health issues in over ten years since starting this regiment. I just recently started taking moringa oil, because a good friend sells it and I've heard so many good things about it.

  4. I have one general question for anyone who cares to comment. I've heard many advertisements that say the vitamins you buy at the store are garbage, and that I should buy theirs, which of course cost much more. Is this true, and how can you tell the good ones from the snake oil. I'm guessing that the ones at the store are synthetics and while they are better than nothing, there are better alternatives available. I just don't know which ones to buy because everyone says theirs is the best. I take the store brands and they seem to work just fine for me.

  5. Only Problem W/ MultiVitamins is There's Only the MDR Of Each Vits .That's Not Enough.To Keep U From Getting Cancer,As Beta Carotene in Multi Is Usually 5-10,000 IUS, & BY TAKING A SEPARATE ESTER C & ZINC,U're Better Protected Against the Flu.I TAKE 2 Doses of 750mg.of Ester C & CAN' t Remember Last Time I Got A Case of Flu ,or Even A Bad ,COLD& AM UP IN AGE.Vit D 3,i Take Separately & A Calcium Citrate That Has All the Minerals Needed + Little Extra Magnesium.Multi Vitamins Only Keep U Alive,Dont Do Much More To U upgrade Ur Health.

  6. Hi Doctor Oz, What are your thoughts on GSR Ultra? I bought it but still not sure I should take it. I am 56 years old, and experiencing some degeneration of my knee movement. I am trying to lose weight but menopause is a constant struggle. I need help and want to know if this supplement is the real deal or just a scam. You can respond to me at [email protected]gmail.com

  7. Liar!! "ONE A DAY" is junk!! Maybe you'll fool the average brainwashed American, but not me. Centrum, One A Day, and all those hard tablets from those big name companies are loaded with excipients and your body doesn't absorb it. You are a medical doctor, medical schools are funded by big drug companies, which control what is taught in those schools. And what is taught in those schools? Answer: how to prescribe drugs. Which means medical doctors know very little about nutrition. The truth is that drug companies are very powerful with deep pockets and spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year hiding the truth from the public. Their are cures and technology that is being hid from the public which would end the suffering of millions of people, since the drug companies regulate what is taught in medical school they use the medical doctors as salesman/drug pushers for the drug companies. They get the doctor to prescribe dangerous drugs to patients to take for the rest of their life ensuring profits for the drug companies. Mr. Oz i know you have a family to feed, but please tell the truth that you are paid millions of dollars to endorse certain products. Corporations use celebrities to endorse ineffective products, because they know the masses idolize celebrities and if the celebrity uses the product it must be good…right? If Lebron James drinks URINE WATER it must be good…right? People stop buying from large multinational corporations they don't care about you or your health, they just want your money. Support local organic farmers. Drug companies don't want to cure anything…if they were curing diseases they would be out of business, because no one would need them anymore. I think taking a pill every day for the rest of your life sounds much more profitable. Medical doctors you are just drug salesman for big pharma. Common people wake up…

  8. If you do your research multivitamin shortens your life there not real vitamins research it people they're not FDA approved for a reason. We will never get the exact amount we need every day it is impossible eat fruits and vegetables and things growing naturally and you'll be all right

  9. here's several suggestions relieving pain at home

    look for some simple exercises online

    Take plenty of papaya seed tea

    Eat bananas and other fruit and also garlic

    Try Eazol

    (I read these and the reasons they work from Hartlyn pain plan site )

  10. Mehmet bey 11 yasında oglum var yasitlarina göre boyu kısa ve 7 yâş gösteriyor.. drlar saglikli ama kemik gelisimi geride diyor.. growth factor 9 kullanmasi faydali olurmu ? Tesekkurler

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  12. I have knee pain in both knees. The X-ray shows bone on bone. My doctor recommended knee replacement but I heard about stem cell treatment. The second one I just bought osteo Bi flex pills. Does this pill work or the stem cell shot or it’s better to have the knee replacement. Please let me know because I have crucial pain. ;


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