Weight Loss Journey Transformation Before and After Time Lapse



Current Picture: As of 2/1/10


Almost started a year ago!


About 8 months ago I began my weight loss journey, through hard work, an extreme diet, and motivation I was able to lose the weight! Pretty much cut out the junk food, sugar, sodium, soda, beer, and eating out and work your ass off and you will see results. Eat right, eat veggies and fruits and watch what your eating! If I can do it, so can you!

Here is my weight loss transformation before and after pictures !!


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  2. gayest song for transformation videos like wtf everybody on youtube plays it for their videos also eye of the tiger seems to be pretty popular as well, doesn't anybody care about being original

  3. congrats. im currently at 6'1 260 lbs. i want that body, I will begin eating healthy today!! salad water and chicken… idk what else but i will google good affordable foods and good habits.

  4. Dude amazing change congrats
    But I have a question :
    Did you do cardio or did you do cardio to lose belly fat ??
    Please I need your answer

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  6. Nice workout. I myself have had so much disappointment with losing weight until I found a site called ExprezSliminizer. My friend told me about it and I am so glad she did. I have lost about half of my excess weight in just 3 months.

  7. hey man I am about the same build started at 260 been six weeks and I'm down to 236 just wanna say its videos like this that keep me motivated that it is possible keep at it man.

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