Coconut Oil Benefits Blood Sugar and Diabetics



Dr. Bruce Fife explains how coconut oil helps slow sugar absorption in the bloodstream and improved insulin sensitivity in the pancreas, making the product beneficial to diabetics


  1. I've been frying with it because it's been touted as a healthier option to cooked olive oil because it is quite stable. Is that not true? I have diabetes and am trying to cut back on carbs to reduce my BSL.

  2. well i been using coconut oil for years now even befor i new what it does for u, all i new it was organic and me being a body builder it was the number one cooking oil for me, but i just got diagnose with type 1 diabetes a couple weeks ago, so if cocnut oil makes ur pancreas make insulin better then why did i get diabetes? perhaps it just prolonged my diagnose longer, i say if i didnt take the oils i woulda been diabetic years ago. but either way im 20 years old and maby in my life time there will be a cure for this. if they can make a prosthetic heart im sure they can figure out how to make a pancreas also.

  3. Numbness in the feet is known as peripheral neuropathy. It's a term for a group of conditions in which the peripheral nervous system is damaged.  Taking Coconut oil in any form or any quantity will not reverse neuropathy in the slightest.  At least that's the case in the real world 🙂 not sure about anywhere else.

  4. This Doctor is a well educated Genius. A Truth Peoples Champion helping them with the Truth here telling what taking Coconut Oil does for Diabetes, This man is a God Sent to us Simple People. Thank You Doctor I have diabetes and nephropathy. I have a 54 oz. bottle of raw organic unrefined extra virgin here and I took 3 Tablespoons started this tonight

  5. i gave it some one they told me it balanced their sugar out better than their insulin and the first time they felt their feet. Honest to God i get from Walmart 100% virgin coconut oil and i use coconut oil soap

  6. I'm not sure but ,if anyone else wants to learn about coconut oil the benefits try Covert Health Scheme ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my m8 got excellent results with it.

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