An Ad For A Weight Loss Center – The Sopranos (HD)


From Season 3, Episode 6 – University

This is Paulie breaking Vito and Bobby’s balls lol


  1. For the love of Pete, it depicts real life. It's not trying to promote evil or good, rather to show how things really are. If your feeling depressed after watching, then you shouldn't even be watching a mob show to begin with. You want to watch a show that makes you feel all warm inside, then watch Disney or Nickelodeon.

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  4. Not only was this one of the most fucked episodes of the entire series, it is probably the most hilarious. Besides this scene, the scene with Ralphie going apeshit acting out scenes from Gladiator were comic gold. Almost as great as the Pine Barrens episode

  5. I admit to stealing this joke and using it to it's full abrasive potential whenever I see two, from a distance conjoined appearing individuals.

    Alright alright, I only ever used it once in good humour with my two not even remotely overweight nieces to their enjoyment, whatever :3.

    And fuck scumbag friends like tony who'd laugh about their own fart jokes before recognizing a comedic feat in another.

  6. Come to think of it, there are many fat characters in Sopranos.

    Pussy and Jimmy Altieri were two fat fucks with black hair.
    Bobby wins the gold medal for obesity. Vito is not far behind Bobby. As we can see here, Vito – Before and Bobby – Way before.
    Let's not forget the boss Tony was also obese.
    Even the female characters like Ginny Sac had an ass big enough for two timezones.
    Fat Dom broke Carlos balls and died.
    Even Bobby's father was a fat guy.


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