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New Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded episode.

The “RELOADED” Hybrid Diet Approach”

The goal of this diet is to force your body to use pure fat for energy while preserving or even BUILDING lean muscle mass!

By “partitioning” our nutrients into different days of the week, we could ensure that only the muscles would be fed while the fat would be starved.

To get more episodes when they are released and to get a free report I wrote called the Muscle Shifting Doctrine head on over to this page:



  1. Ye it will work, this guys is a genius when it comes to training and nutrition. The way he explains it, makes it sound like its a new way of doing things, but it really inst its a new spin on what's already there, it works,you don't even have to follow his plan to the letter, in fact its best to adapt what he suggests to your own way.

  2. Wonderful video! btw my daughter tried this successful natural diet known as: Fat 360 Nuke and already lost 15 pounds in a month. I don't remember the exact web site just Google it.

  3. the warrior diet is the most retarded thing i have ever heard of , its just the same diet every overweight tard follows. They think starving themselves all day will make them skinny, then come night time they cant sleep, and have massive cravings, and then the body and mind forces you to make up for the shortfall (remember the body needs a certain amount of calories, to maintain), by over eating ina sitting. Its what everyone does and why so many people are sick, Most obese guys eat like that.

  4. So? the world is full of people have decnet bodies and dont work out all that much, all cause they lead a good lifestyle which includes a good sensible diet.My point is why would anyone trust a diet that been invneted by fat obese people, to get thatthem even more fatter?


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