How to Grill Vegetables


Get tips for cooking all kinds of fresh vegetables on the grill.

Quick, easy, and healthy, vegetables are great for the grill, where they develop sweet, smoky flavors. In this video, you’ll learn which vegetables are the best for grilling, including zucchini, eggplants, asparagus, mushrooms, corn, and onions. You’ll find out how to prepare vegetables for the grill, and discover which vegetables grill best whole and which grill best cut up into pieces. You’ll see how to create attractive grill marks on your vegetables and learn how to keep veggies from sticking to the grilling grates. Plus, you’ll get a simple, all-purpose vegetable marinade recipe. There are also tips for prepping the grill and for skewering smaller veggies onto kabobs to keep them from falling into the fire. You’ll see how to cut down grilling time for certain vegetables like potatoes and learn several methods for grilling corn on the cob.

Once you’ve watched the video, check out our complete grilled vegetables recipe collection @–Grilling/Vegetarian/Main.aspx





  1. thanks for the lovely video, I could smell the heavenly aroma and I drooled my heart out. I am a good cook too so i know how much care was taken to get it just so! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! it would be very helpful if you could add a lil bit of local names for the vegetables or spices that are used or alternative available ones locally in India. Yeah! I know we do get all the things here but I have to go to a city 400 miles away to get the right stuff from the bigger malls. THANK YOU. LOVE YOU.

  2. That's a great question. You can grill either one first. If you are cooking a large piece of meat that will need some time to rest, you can grill it first and while the meat is resting, you can grill the vegetables. If some of your family members or friends are vegetarians, you might want to grill vegetables first and then use the grill for the meat.

  3. This is by far the best grilled vege recipe on youtube. I have seen so many today..But chose yours.. Thanks.. I have marinated my veges.. Lets see how they turn out to be after grilling..

  4. Hi.. absolutely great.but what I was looking for was grilling on gas using grilling pan.u have told to grill on preheat!! I don't have the option.its either high/medium/low (heat).how do I grill? What heat & timing?

  5. Wonderful!>>> Still trying out things to get the right temperature and time but everything has been delicious and so healthy! Love the fast cooking time when the food is "pressed" between the top and the bottom. So much quicker than firing up the outdoor grill.


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