Should I Drink Slim Fast, Ensure of Shakeology to Lose Weight?

136 Everyone wants to eat healthier and if it were easy that is what we would all do. The best way to get on the road to eating healthier is to do it one step at a time. Meal replacement shakes may be a good option.

I’ve been a fitness professional since 1999 and every now and then someone asks me about meal replacement shakes. Their goal may be to lose weight or to even maintain or gain weight. So, here’s my two cents on two of the most common ones that people ask me about, Slim Fast and Ensure versus Shakeology. Alot of people use Slim Fast as a weightloss method and many older folks use Ensure to maintain and/or gain weight.

Slim Fast and Ensure use synthetic chemically manufactured ingredients that are harmful to the body. In addition the whey protein that most meal replacement shakes use is livestock grade. Compare this to Shakeology which contains 70 plus whole food ingredients, is highly nutrient dense and has the highest quality whey protein. Which would you rather put into your body? How about a different perspective? Which would you rather eat, organic turkey chili or your dogs canned food?

Here is another perspective. Slim fast and Ensure are overly processed so it severely degrades the biological value and density of the nutrients they contain. In other words, you’re not really feeding your body because the calories in Slim Fast and Ensure are largely empty. Shakeology is a nutrient dense food containing 70 plus whole food ingredients with as little processing as possible to maintain a 100% bio availability to the body. Translation: The calories in Shakeolgoy are so dense with highly biologically available nutrients that most people feel satisfied for 3 — 4 hours with just one shake. The reason Slim Fast and Ensure don’t fill us up is because the calories are absent of nutrients so the body is still saying “FEED ME.” And that is just what we do. We keep eating and gaining weight.

Most shakes use highly processed corn syrurp or high fructose corn syrup for their sweeteners, or even worse artificial sweeteners. Shakeology uses yacon root as its main sweetener. Yacon root comes from the earth and has a low glycemic affect, making shakeology very diabetic and blood sugar friendly.
So the choice is clear drink 70 whole foods or a synthetic chemically manufactured soup. The choice is yours. If you would like to try an organic superfood option that is going to help you feel full, have more energy and just plain feel good, contact me at [email protected] and ask for a free sample of Shakeology.

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