Weight Loss Day 85 – Juice Fasting Before & After Pictures, I Lost 51 Pounds


http://drop30in30.com — Juice Fasting Plan Calendar — I have lost a total of 51 pounds since I started this project! Here are the before and after pictures I my stats.


  1. @simpletruths10 Do you come to a construction site and look at the stick framing and mess all over the site and say, man this is one messed up propperty, look at the walls, they have holes in them, and there is no grass where the lawn is suppose to be. Same here. I am in transition, from fat to normal… first lose fat, then build muscle.

  2. @simpletruths1 Just because you do not understand it, doesn't mean it is wrong. Feel free to do some research on it, I already did and decided this is for me. I do appreciate your comments though! Thank you.

  3. hi Valik, I noticed your video is from december 5th of 2011, I hope you went down to your desired weight. I also want to say how I am proud of you, that is a lot to be able to go on and tolerate fasting and raw food. Congratulations! I want you to help me to help my husband to start his fasting, but what I want you to tell me is how did you start the juice fast? meaning first you did a raw food fast for a week or so, or you just started your juice fast???? thanks

  4. Thank you. Yes, in fact, I am starting my second 60-day reboot right now. Today is day 3. I am starting with 10 days of raw food, then going on to juice fasting for 40 days and then again 10 days of raw food. I am happy to answer any questions so feel free. How much does he need to lose?

  5. thanks for the quick response. I got it. Yeah, so we have to start just like you said. he is 39 years old 240lbs and 5'8 in, so 70 pounds off. I convinced him to do a fast. I am a big "fan" of fasting, I am doing right now my water fast for 21 day (I did 11day water fast in the beginning of this February) and this is my 3rd day. Hopefully, we can do it with my husband. By the way, I am going to show him your video that I found today. Oh, yeah, and good luck with your coming 60 days, thanks again

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