Body Transformation 190 Pounds to 145 Pounds Weight Loss Before and After

– diet, exercise plan, faq, etc (currently being worked on as of 1/28/12!) I’ll be your coach!
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  1. Very, very few women with body fat percentages between 12-22% are unattractive. Women, if you want to be more attractive, maintaining a healthy body mass is much more than simply being physically attractive. It portrays a healthy lifestyle, active hobbies, and is more appealing to others who also practice healthy lifestyles. Personally, I don't understand how so many people become so fat to begin with, but that's just me. It's very simple. Drink nothing but water. No beer, no sugary juices, no soda, no sugary sports drinks unless you are exercising, no fast food, no potato chips, or any snack foods, no ice cream, etc. If it didn't exist 200 years ago, don't eat it. It isn't real food.

  2. u can think she looked better on the left (ur opinion) but she is WAY WAY healthier on the right and i bet she feels younger faster stronger and has more endurance even though she s two years older (plus she will live longer and have long lasting benefits no matter what) i know which of the two id want to be

  3. News Flash—guys want a soft body,not hard muscle like a teenage boy…to each his own though…why not decide for yourself what your ideal size is,dont look to the media….

  4. How tall are you? At 190 which is hard to believe, you dont look fat at all. Seriously, you look amazing at 190 you must be an athlete, like volleyball or soccer.

  5. both pic are nice but i bet you would look even beter @ around 160 (but i think you deserve respect for losing that mutch weight and its sure alot healthier. i just like curvy girls(: )

  6. Dude I’m the same height as her, maybe an inch taller and 140 but I look like the before. Her weight distributed crazy well on her body.


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