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Get your doctor’s permission before beginning any exercise program. Stop and seek attention if you do not feel right ay any time. HIIT Cardio, an intense High Intensity Interval Training Workout in 10 minutes. Pair this with Lindsay Brin’s Shredding workout http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2Er4g… for the perfect combo of Toning and Cardio.


  1. well for someone who just had a baby, didn't work out the whole pregnancy and have more than 30lbs to lose, this shit had me out of breath and sweating. if you are a beginner like me, it got the job done

  2. I am grasping for air someone save me. I'm sweating and my chest beaten fast but tbh sue started losing me on the roundabout smh I started strong then fell lol first time so I feel good

  3. wow, im in lousy shape. this nearly killed me. how depressing is that…gonna do this daily for a week to build up strength, then couple it with another 10 min workout for another week, and so on…Oh God please give me strength, endurance, and bull-headed determination!

  4. I used to do this 1 the cardio #4 and the toning and cardio. I enjoyed them and found that they worked (if I kept up with it) iv jst had another baby n wanted to get bk in shape using these videos again. But can only find this 1 from this collection. 😢😢

  5. Such a nice wo! Gets all my target muscles and actually is quite fun and energetic. But it's surely not a hiit bacause for that you would need a 15 sec break every minute or so. Still it's no reason to be mean, guys in the comments. It is a great wo especially for the pelvic floor and core muscles. It even helps with UTIs so dont be mean and if it's not what you looked for just hiit the youtube button and search further, goodness people


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