Weight Training Workout for Weight Loss – Fat Burning Functional Strength Training Workout


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Kelli is using PowerBlock’s Adjustable Dumbbells, you can find them here: http://bit.ly/yDWK7V

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  1. So glad I found this channel!!! Just did the entire thing along with the video. It was hard but well worth it!! I'm so excited to see what changes it will bring my body throughout the rest of this year.

  2. This video makes want to not do it, but after the first round I feel motivated to complete the entire routine. It is very challenging switching from upright exercises to the floor but I am always proud of myself when I am done. It's worth the struggle!😊

  3. This was a fantastic workout. I was left sweaty and puffed out! 3 rounds of this is great but if you really want to push yourself do 4 or 5. You will know about it the next day.

  4. Can you have a thing where you teach women to stop being afraid of gaining muscle? I'm getting so sick of weight training programs telling women things like "don't worry, most women don't get muscular" as if it's a bad thing. I wish more women desired to be strong and powerful, like men strive to be.

  5. Ooooh another thing I want to ask: how can I get heavier weights without paying an arm and a leg? I noticed that dumbbells tend to go for $1/pound. I kinda got cut off at 10's because it was all we could afford (there's a reason I get my workouts from videos). I do things like two weights in one hand if it's necessary but it's kinda difficult. Do you have suggestions for increasing weight on a budget?

  6. Kelli, I've seen your before & after, wow what positive transformation. Can you please share the workout you used for abs? What's the routine? So many ab workouts but I find it hard to stick with one, because I don't think that challenge you.

  7. Kelli, I’ve joined you in many videos (including your honest admission on your struggles with accepting your body). So many of your workouts you’re pulling your top down, pants up etc.. it’s so awesome to see you confident in this workout. Nothing covered and looking amazing.
    I hope to someday quit the clothes pulling when I train… and I train at home and not on TV.
    Big congratulations on training your brain as well as your body 👍🏻

  8. I have tried numerous vid from u guys! This one by far is my fav!!!!!!!!!!!!! but then again im a weight (junky) did this with 5, 10, 15 lbs dumbells. Keep them guys. Good Job 🙂

  9. This is my 1st try and just finished round 2 and I'm dying…had to stop to write an email and my arms just cannot stop shaking. Love it though. Will keep it up!

  10. You guys should make more videos like this! These challenging training workout for weight loss is very effective I gotta say 🙂 I've been using this page since the beginning of my diet, which was roughly about two months ago, and I lost about 15lb. Super helpful fitness page.

  11. Just did this workout and as someone who is intermediate to advanced it still gave me a great lighter workout I don't do these moves often so i had to decrease in weight. A great workout!


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