Quick Sweat Cardio Workout to Lose Weight & Burn Belly Fat Fast


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  1. Wow you see 8 minutes and think, oh well how bad could it be… bad, really bad… omg out of breath over here! WOW this just totally kicked my ass… :O 😀

  2. Hey guys I don't want to live a life focused on weight loss so I'm gonna do this every other day for just 6 weeks and see if there's any results. After that I'll focus on maintenance for a while before jumping back in again. I'll update weekly!

    Diet- around 1300-1500 calories
    5'11 female and 192 lbs
    average metabolism
    GW: 174

    Day 1- it was a bit tough but not enough to make me want to die

    Day 3- I did the moves to the best of my ability and feel the pain a bit more. I also broke a sweat which made me feel like I actually put in some work. I still have to move at my own pace though, especially on squats and whatnot.

    In other news, I fit a pair of exercise shorts better!! I've been trying to lose weight for a while now so it was a nice surprise to see that my work isn't in vain. Remember guys the scale doesn't always tell the whole story :-)). Also, I definitely felt sore from the first workout haha

    Day 5- wasn't as focused so I didn't feel it as much but I definitely got tired faster. not sure why

    Day 7- on my period but still did it! also tried to activate my abs while working out. Burpess got easier

    Day 9- done

    Day 11- REST

    Day 13- oof I def felt the effects of missing a day :')

    Day 17- I didn't have music on to distract me so I pushed myself and really felt it. But I'm seeing progress. I can run up and down stairs without getting winded and today I was dancing and didn't feel the need to stop!

  3. Never knew this would be that hard! God, you belly fat butner HIIT one which was 16 mins. was bearable for me (maybe beacausr I did that last yeat and my body has adapted to it) so I though half time of it (this video) wouldn't be so bad but no. This actually can make your heartbeat fast! Woah

  4. I've been working on this for a few weeks, My fat ass started at 196…Using this and a few other of their work out videos. I'm at 187 ^_^ Adn other day I check scale it wanted to go to 183, but it went back up to 187 few days later, due to my poor choices in food lol. THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU I just wish I Wasn't scared to try it sooner & before I came across fitness blend, I was at 196 for the longest time,

  5. Am I the only one who can't even complete 8 min 😑😑oh God I m too fat….I hardly did 4 minutes of this workout ,but I m not gonna give up this time,i wil increase my timing bit by bit note:this is my first day wil update daily about my progress
    Day:2 not much improvement….But still I m able to complete 6 minutes of the workout😊😊..I know it's not much..but for me it's great….Tmrw I wil increase my timing even more☺☺…my heartbeat is really very fast..wil keep u updated


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