Biggest Loser Season 14 Audition Video


I didn’t get chosen for this upcoming season so I am making my audition video public for everyone to see. All of this was filmed around the beginning of July/mid-July. There are some things in this video that I’ve never told anyone.. and I feel its time to let some of it come out.

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  1. I think the reason to why you didn't get chosen is probably because they believe there is other ppl that isn't as strong as you are and might need the help more. I mean since you already made such a good job loosing alot of weight and your already working out 6 days a week and all that. Just keep up with what your doing and you will reach your goal in time for sure. 😀

  2. the biggest loser doesn't want people that are try to make a change in their life, they just want fat ass lazy slobs to make for good entertainment, Justin don't let not getting chosen to be on the show get you down, you have already proved you can do it without them. we are with you 100% of them way.

  3. Goddamn, I'm so pleased for you. I remember the first video you had trying to lose weight, and you were SO close to being too far gone. The short hair looks really great too!

  4. It doesn't matter that u didn't get chosen. You can do it without them. They don't really want people with motivation that are willing to work and loose weight they want people that will whine cry or try to quit because that's what makes good reality tv. So biggest loser isn't worth your time you've already come so far and you have already lost so much weight you doing great. And for the record if i knew you and I were ur age is date u. Hope you start uploading videos more frequently and I hop

  5. I know I might sound like a dick but I do enjoy a few giggles from your pizza rolls video.

    I'm happy that you're motivated and have a good personality for someone who has been "heavy" for a portion of your life and had to struggle with the passing of your mom and attempting suicide. Depression is a bitch, I never had a plan to do it but I felt that way and it really sucks.

    Good luck on your journey, Justin

  6. The Biggest Loser is a reality show. The purpose of reality shows is to exploit human emotions by putting them in heinous conditions to elicit emotions to feed to the hungry masses. Bunch of sick fucks.

  7. You look a lot better now than you did back then. I was 475 at my biggest. I weigh more or less 180 lbs now. I weigh less than most of those fuckers who used to make fun of my weight.

  8. you know they're not picking him because of the "eating-challenge videos"? they would get fucking bashed by all the people who get to know what he was like before and the show risks to lose credibility.

  9. um not fat either i am alittle ove rweight i would have loved to audition for biggest loser but you should have madeit i am very sorry if youdid nt but if youdo makeit on the ranch i hope that bob and jillian and allison will kick some but of yours justin

  10. Dude I think doing it by yourself for your self will be the greatest reward just keep your will power up and know you are going to get to your goal. one thing to keep in mind is even after you get where you want to be the fight goes on dont give up your healthy life choices.

  11. Hey! Nice to hear from you again, you're definitely looking thinner. I can't imagine why this show wouldn't pick you, maybe it just had to do with your location or something… Like who knows, maybe they're just casting around hollywood. Show biz is weird. Good thing you've got real people in youtube supporting your journey! :o)

  12. That was an awesome video, they are stupid for not picking you. I can relate to some things you spoke of. I'm going to send you a message now & hopefully you read it! 🙂 If not I will have to post a video response :O
    Sarah J

  13. Hey Justin your really taking good care of yourself and I'm proud of you doing what you do to let others know that things like this can happen and that there's a solution so that they won't have to stay like this forever.You are really making progress from what your doing and I hope you keep it up because you came to far from losing this weight and I have to say that I'm proud of you and your really taking good care of yourself

  14. you should check out the documentary called "fat, sick and nearly dead" its very inspiring and i think youd be interested in the "juice fast." I did a juice fast for 30 days and lost nearly 50 lbs. But even just 5 days is a great fast

  15. They want somebody who's going to cry, throw fits, and put on a show. He's too mature and emotionally stable to appeal to the television audience. It's rather sad.


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