SHIT TO FIT WEIGHT Loss Transformation!


If you would like to give back please share this with anyone that may need the extra boost in motivation towards weight loss and fitness goals. Thank you!
This is my personal transformation that I conquered in 16 life changing months. It has taught me that we are happiest when we are becoming the person we want to become.
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  1. Thank you for this video it is truly inspiring. Im a bit of the opposite as I hav always been in shape and now as I have gotten older from working alot , being married , and having a kid I have begun to become lazy in regards to my diet and my training. Although Im not severely out of shape I have started to get a pot belly and that sucks!! lol Congrats on your transformation, and thank you again for this inspirational video. Have a great [email protected]@

  2. I finally dropped below 180. I have come down about 5-6lbs in the 2-3 wks I've taken this Weight Loss Green Store Tea. I have been restricting my food, but I was doing so with much slower results before trying this fat burner.

  3. u remind me of myself.
    I was never really fat until out of high school but during high school I wasn't shredded either, just average but I was funny also so in high school average was just fine to me I still had alot of confidence..

    but then stress and things I went thru after high school that I like to blame led to me gaining massive weight but in reality it was me being lazy fueled by zero motivation.

    but Istarted working out and invested alot into equipment and this shit is harder than I remember.

    I bust my ass with cardio. curl bars and dumbbells and squats racks. and still havent seen a damn,thing.. I only feel it.
    even after i changed my diet to lean meats no carbs. its frustratimg.


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