Loose skin after 140lb weight loss! LOTS OF SKIN!


Here it is… the video where I show off my loose skin! I have since lost more weight and had a tummy tuck. Thank you for watching my journey!

Watch my tummy tuck video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IR2wDKR94X4&list=TLsM0jgMUryWg

The skin I’m in.

Happy New Year! 6 years before and after! 147lbs weight loss with tears and Mummy!

My 2010 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=590Zu1n8RPg


Thank you for watching my little youtubies 🙂


  1. You are right showing it to us, you'll see it disappear as long at first as you love yourself, then do sports, and cold shower help. Cheaper, longer but you'll indirectly also live with the fact you had lost weight.

  2. I'm so worried about the loose skin. I've gone from 180 to 145 atm and im stuck here and I've such a huge gut…. I'm starting to see how I'll get loose skin if I keep going I've stretch marks too on my sides, upper arms and upper boobs. sigh. I hope I'll work my abs enough and drink enough to make it better

  3. IMO these sorts of videos discourage women from losing weight, and losing it all the way down to a proper weight thinking they're gonna look like this, she claims to still be 180, so shes still over weight in this vid, (not that she doesnt look great and she did amazing okay please don't think im hating, on her she did amaze) but its important to look at 'after' photos of people who went all the way down to LOW BODY FAT, like 120lbs not 180
    they dont look like this^^^

    still being 'chubby' after a lot of weight loss, and loose skin looks like this.. its the fat inside of the loose skin that floats to the top of her bath etc..
    loose skin on a very slim body doesnt

    (from the tons of photos ive looked at, do you own searches and make sure the 'after pics, are of people who are low body fat and worked out

    (like her one arm being way way less loose than the other one, )

    and if the OP reads this, girl you did fab i aint hating , ur an inspiration and im so glad you did this, and are happy with results, i only say the above, to warn any girls watching this, and feeling discouraged, that they can lose more and look different.


  4. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm starting at the same weight and I'm down 60 pounds and the sagging is beginning. But knowing I'm not alone in thinking my body would go to a model perfect figure. You are my inspiration!

  5. There might be others out there like me but I like the way the skin looks and feels when it's like this after someone has lost weight, just like she shows us. Both in appearance and touch sensations, (have felt it on people before). It's very pleasant to me. Just wanted to put it out there.

  6. You look amazing first off…believe me I know how you feel…at my highest I was between 600-630lbs..I attempted to get weight loss surgery but was denied because of all my health probs…Lost over 400lbs on my own over 3 years and weight 220lbs now…Im about 190lb of muscle but 30 or more of skin…I had my manboobs cut off but the rest is still there..Hopefully one day Ill get the courage to post a video myself, thanks to people ike you maybe I will. THanks for posting this and congrats…btw, youre hot too!
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  7. U need to gain weight again and lose it again by healthy way because I thinks the loose skin came when u lose weight by starving ur self
    (just check ur carbs and do some cardio exercise) love u 😘


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