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    I enjoy your speech I definitely totally agree I do this for my job and I'm also taking weight gainer and it is bulk 1340 and I'm getting results but the thing is I do a lot of hard work to the point where I burn it off and all that stuff so I'm eating it halfway the deal is I want to know if I can take a weight loss and a weight gainer at the same time because I do have a belly a little tiny one but enough to want to work it off and burn it off but I was wondering if I can gain weight in all the right places and still take a weight loss

  2. But most importantly I've never been fat so I don't have that problem I'm basically you're built but the deal is I believe everything you're saying and anybody that doesn't take this to heart I believe that loving yourself enough to make yourself look better I think you should give yourself a pat on the back because it not only that it'll help you mentally and physically and most importantly your whole Center will feel strong not only that your confidence will boost in the Law of Attraction will happen even more just because you'll be feeling yourself it's time to be a woke now awaken

  3. Elliott if I could snack that like button a thousand more times brother I would. I was in that place where I didn't know what to do at the gym and then I saw your video. I sincerely thank you for your efforts, it's inspiring and very motivational for me. Again thank you.

  4. Hey Elliot im 17 years old and ive been really big all my life. All i wanted to be was an actor on a hollywood film.. I found this channel a while back and i watched this video a year back and decided to fast for a whole year straight! except, on the eight hour window when i could eat i just drank water! I weighed 630LBS and now i'm now down to 60 LBS, Im so happy with the outcome. Thanks for all your advice and i stuck to what only "I WANTED TO DO" Very happy with my physique as now i am finally on the big stage! My school are doing a show in the life of Moses and i get to be his staff! Thankyou again!

  5. I was 120 kg. I started kickboxing just to loose wight. I went down to 91 kg.what happened is i liked the game.i played many fights .in just 3 years im became very good fighter i winned alot of championships.still i cant blieve myself
    Eliot is right.start doing somthing and somthing would happen.and remember what stops u is just the start.good luck for every1


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