Stronglifts 5×5 Fat Loss Method


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  1. I lost about 100 lbs of body fat when I turned twenty, but I'd do a hard diet and exercised for 2-3 months till I burned out, then take a month of maintenance, let the body rebuild and the extra skin, tightened up alooot during the off months that I was gaining muscle. also quitting cigarettes felt just like lossing 100 lbs. was hard, but werf.

  2. A caloric deficit with heavy lifting, yes you will cut fat big time. Cardio that Elliot mentions will add to that fat loss because you're going to be burning more calories…keep in mind though, you'll probably retain as much muscle as possible if you do just heavy lifting and steady state cardio.

  3. honestly the best cardiovascular I've ever done is 300 kettlebell swings a day. tears weight off like nothing else. 20 minutes tops and I dropped 2 stone in 2 and a half months and it stayed off. and no I'm not selling anything before anyone asks!

  4. I've been doing 5×5 for a while now and am not losing much fat on its own. I'm 6'3" about 90kg and I estimate about 20% body fat (maybe little lower, but I have a little bit of a belly and love handles and this is what I want to lose). my question is: I'm moving to a new apartment that is about a 20 min walk up a steep incline away from my gym, so if I use that as my cardio would that work? To be clear that would mean I am walking 20 mins up a steep hill on the WAY to the gym before my weight training not afterwards (downhill walk home). Would this be ok? I don't really like treadmills

  5. low intensity walking on treadmill is great if you want slow steady results. But you need some high intensity HIIT to really get results.

    Would you rather 10 minutes HIIT or 30 minutes slow walk? I know which one I prefer.

  6. I like to do 5×5 reps and sets but I want to combine it with doing other exercises like bodybuilding exercises like lunges and pull downs and curls with 10-15 reps for these exercises. and doing about 30-40 min interval training on the days I don't lift. Is it a good idea to do 1 day of r 5×5 exercises and a few days of higher rep work outs per week plus interval cardio a few days a week if I am on a high protein diet?

  7. Finally decided to start it as a New Years thing. Now middle of March, It's been 2 and a half months. It's nice too see constant improvement, even though I've had to de – load many times. Hard at first since I had a very sedentary lifestyle (Video games and junk food) but, I'm getting better. Started with nothing on the bar, and looking forward to that 300lb squat! Thank you again. Here's where I'm at now for 5×5.
    Age: 18
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 150lbs (Yea, I'm a skinny one)
    SQ: 200lbs
    BP: 155lbs
    OHP: 100lbs
    BBR: 135lbs
    DL: 215lbs

  8. I like this guy so much better than the hodge twins, he goes straight to the meat and potatoes of the advice and doesn't spend 20 minutes posing and trying to look pretty for the camera.

  9. mate i am happy with your answers all the time . i have one question though it is not towards you but to all personal trainers who say do cardio walk on a treadmill do a cycle but they never say to engage if possible in simple and safe outdoor or indoor sports . i lost a lot of fat playing badminton tennis cricket soccer touch rugby and i was still doing the 5 by 5 program . thanks hulse youre a mentor to me mate .


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