Overcame Type 2 Diabetes in 2 Weeks on a High Fruit Raw Diet: Bibi Zambrano’s story.


Is it possible to be come off diabetic medication in just 2 weeks after switching to a high-fruit raw food diet? Yes, according to Bibi Zambrano. As well as overcoming diabetes, she also healed depression and fatigue. In this video, she shares her story of recovery, what she eats during the day and the psychological benefits that the raw vegan lifestyle brought into her world.

Some type 2 diabetes statistics: Worldwide, there are now 347 million people who now have diabetes, with 90% of them suffering from type 2 diabetes. The World Health Organisation projects that diabetes deaths will increase by two thirds between 2008 and 2030. In the United States, diabetes affects 25.8 million people of all ages, which is 8.3% of the U.S. population.

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  1. Without knowing your diet/lifestyle I cannot make an informed comment but suggest you take a look at the 80/10/10 diet book by Dr Douglas Graham which is avaliable on our website, which explains in detail exactly why people experience blood sugar issues and what to do about it.

  2. Hi, to take raw fruit and maintain BS you need to follow few cues. You need to select the fruits that are going to be effective, timing of intake, method or form of taking them, and the right amount.

  3. Hey! Love your videos. quick question. I've gone raw vegan but recently i've been eating a lot of dates. Today I have 2 small boxes of them. I've urinated about 10 times today since eating them. 4 times with in one hour. Any idea if the sugar is damaging me? Can fruit sugars cause diabetes?

  4. Fruits do not cause diabetes. Having lots of fat in the diet is the problem, which then blocks sugar uptake to the bodys cells and so higher blood sugar levels and its associated problems. See 80/10/10 diet book by Dr Douglas Graham – explains all. Make sure to eat a variety of fruits and soak dried dates before eating them. Just cut them open and soak in water for a few hours so they are easier to digest and dont stick to your teeth so much and cause dental issues.

  5. I am a little confused about this. All I am looking for is what I should eat. I really do not care about cooking or raw diet. Just what to eat and not eat. So I am still looking for a proper diet safe for me. I know that too much fruit is not wise either. 

  6. Wow you just helped me out way more than my own DOCTOR! I am type 2 diabetes and I felt fatigue, laziness insomnia, lack of energy and your video leads me to believe I will feel better if I live a healthier live and stop eating un healthy foods.

  7. I also had diabetes about 4 years ago and I can tell you that I too reversed it using the 80/10/10 way of eating. I was on Metformin. I was on Birth control to make my periods normal (I was having my period EVERY DAY of the month except for a week out of each month.) This, as I learned later, was endometriosis and PCOS, which I no longer have. I only menstruate 3 light days out of the month now. I was constantly sick. I was eating a lot of meat and dairy. In fact, the day I found out I had diabetes, I had just eaten a bacon cheese burger with double fries and an extra large cola. When they asked me if I wanted any lettuce and tomato I said no way. I NEVER ate lettuce and tomato. But double pickles and extra sauces on top or to dunk it in was ok. My sugar that day was 220. I started to get high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Dr's wanted to put me on those medicines too. So I would have been on 5 different medicines and that does not even include the UTI and Yeast Infection medicines that I had to take every two weeks. I would get rid of the uti only to be plagued with the yeast infection because the medicines fight with each other. The Dr told me that the yeast infection meds caused uti's and the uti meds caused the yeast. Then, while I was still eating processed foods and meat and hardly any fruits and veggies, I became allergic to the metformin and my skin started to peel off of my body. At that point, they wanted to put me on gluberide for the diabetes instead and I was throwing up daily. I even got a really horrible cold and I took NyQuil and blacked out on the bathroom floor. After that, I did a lot of research and found the Boutenko's Youtube channel and learned about 80/10/10 and I decided to try it. Now I am better than "normal". I am not on any meds. I don't take any over the counter pharmaceuticals. I won't even take aspirin or tums. In fact, I don't get headaches or acid indigestion any more. 

  8. WOW! I am going to get some fruit today and look into some recipes. I have had all of the symptoms for YEARS and years, but was just diagnosed recently. Maybe I was just borderline before but the last few years I have gotten ill in so many ways,feet, legs, lethargy, concentration, mood,brain fog, depression, and weight getting out of control….Even though I eat well, I still was not getting much better. I am very willing to try. Anyone know of good recipes?

  9. The reason you can consume fruit as a diabetic is because unlike pure sugar "sucrose" Fructose has to be converted first to sucrose. Secondly the fiber you get with the fruit helps fill you and slow down absorption.

  10. why do all you end off with a salad at night and not eat much salad during the day? is it because you want energy from the fruit during the day?  and not at night – thus you want to slow down the sugars at night?

  11. fruit got many sugar. in fact I stop taking fruit. to make thing worst many fruit are genetically modified. for diabetes take vegetables. but not Chinese garbage which contain many sugar. please check nutrition facts online before taking.

  12. Hang on…if you have type 2, and carbs are a problem…how can you do mostly fruit? Doesn't it affect sugar levels? What about insulin resistance? Do you need to just do low GI fruits?

  13. She did not address what she ate at the beginning in detail. As a diabetic that is what I would like to know. Yes she said she had to eat to eat more veg than fruit. A percentage break down would be helpful.

  14. I would never tell a diabetics to consume 60 oz of OJ and then 2 cantaloupes then more OJ and then finally some veggies. I agree very much eating lots of low GI colorful and green veggies and making juices -Seeds, nuts higher fat natural healthy fats like avocados, olives, chia and hemp seeds. Flax. In that fashion, my sugars drop dramatically, stay more controlled , less blood sugar swings, and much better insulin sensitivity and when I do eat some "bad" carbs, my blood does not spike like it would on a normal American meal plan. This lady was probably already a healthy weight, not on any insulin and exercises enough to regulate sugars. For the rest overweight, insulin dependent, sedentary people. Keep looking into raw foods, natural, organic foods.

  15. I like going on a all fruit juice fast, oranges and watermelon and apple, emm, easy and the only liquid diet I can tolerate. I did a 30 day water and made the mistake of not having the mechanics of elimination at 100%. I barley urinated and ended up constipated (gross I know).

    best advice is to start slow and ease into it, not everyone is going just cure all in 2 weeks, fine tune your diet till you can still enjoy yourself and look forward to the rest of your days in health

  16. Fruits in very small quantities are fine. Let say half a fruit in one sitting. Half mango in the afternoon or in the morning, half banana etc. Maximum of 1 fruit in one day. Do it maximum of 3 times a week only. But if you are doing it like the 80-10-10 diet it will make your type 2 diabetes worst. Your body cannot handle too much sugar in any form whether sucrose, glucose, fructose etc. We know in 80-10-10, they eat 15 to 25 bananas per day or more also it applies to other fruits. Thats very very very bad for diabetics.

  17. I am now trying eating 90% fermented foods and is working, glucose count is dropping from average 250 in the morning to now 200 and below, that plus lots of exercise and contemplation, a form of meditation.

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