HCG before and after


These are photos of my progress on the HCG diet. I lost 24 lbs in 36 days. This is my second round of the HCG diet, my first was in 2010. Much harder this time around….over 25 years old and had a baby. I know that plays a part. This is the first video of more to come discussing my experiences while on the diet. POST ANY (POLITE) QUESTIONS YOU’D LIKE ANSWERED FOR MY NEXT VIDEO.


  1. Fabulous! I'm on my 2nd loading day, and hope to lose some inches! I'd been doing Healthy Transformation for a month, lost nearly FIFTEEN pounds – and .5 inch. Poop. But I'm nearly carb free, so hopefully my first fasting week will not be bad! And I liked that style of eating,so when P3 comes around, I can just go back to that!
    We're pretty close in size and body style, so I hope my first round comes close to what you have! πŸ™‚

  2. That's why the bathing suit still fits her! If there was a way to lose all that weight in such little time it would be sold on shelves people! What a load of bullshit!

  3. Honestly, without sounding mean. Β I think HCG is a knock off of HGH, and those results could easily be obtained from just proper diet and exercise on the daily. Β I mean 3-5 lbs a week is quite normally achieved for people who want to lose, between the ages of 25-35 years of age. Β 

  4. I saw a comment about this beautiful lady having photo shopped her pics. If you look carefully, the hair is styled similar, but the random strands of hair are not in the exact place. The side pics also look to be different updos. I have done the HCG diet before, losing 17 lbs the first time and losing 13 more lbs afterwards. I was skeptical giving $300 for the injections, however, my pain management doc was the one giving it to me. I didn't lose the weight for cosmetic reasons but to reduce pain

  5. Keep up the great work, luv! Don't let anyone discourage you. You are beautiful. Anyone who posts negativity has their own internal issues that have nothing to do with you. Just laugh at how ridiculous they sound and use it to boost your confidence. Laughter truly is the best medicine. Best of luck and God bless!

  6. taking hcg is great you can loose weight but, it changes your testosterone and estradoil levels, After you get off hcg your hormones are out of wack, then you need to get your blood tested and get on hormone replacement therapy due to the fact that you have high estradoil and testosterone. This did help me loose weight but not I have brain fog and recovering from the stupid hcg, Go to the gym save your money!

  7. aren't you brave showing photos in a bathing suit!Β  I'm starting to vlog about my 35 lbs loss in 9 months (lost 10 lbs in 2011).Β  I use HCG Activator, a pill, too scared for shots!Β  I could NOT lose the weight I gained, my gain was from thyroid issues / perimenopause, had not had weight issues til 2008.Β  Not only did I lose weight, but the fat loss is amazing, I'm wearing small pants than I ever, ever have!

  8. Did you use drops or injections I'm being told injections are the only way to keep from regaining because it get higher levels into your blood stream which did you do?

  9. Okey Dokey Artichokeys….BIG NEWS!!!Β Β  I am going to be doing another round of HCG!!Β  In previous rounds I have been using homeopathic drops….this time I will be using injections!!Β  I have one very important goal to accomplish first and I need ALL of your support, okay?!Β  STAY TUNED!!

  10. Jesus christ, people are so fucking retarded. hCG for weight loss, homeopathic bullshit. Too bad this shit isn't potentially lethal so these idiots don't drop dead while wasting money on shit proven not to work.

  11. I see the difference in your size at the different weights, but you have such an awesome shaped body that you looked great even when you weighed nearly 200 lbs! In other words, you have great genes and it would hard for you to have a "bad result":)

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