Woman Who Lost Over 300 Pounds – "Real Stories Of Weight Loss"


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Hattie Montgomery was overweight, even as a child. By high school, she already weighed 300 pounds. But at 24, a life-altering event sent her world into a downward spiral. Ready to give up, Hattie was eating to die. Then, one day, with her weight at 530 pounds, something extraordinary happened and that’s when everything changed.


  1. Jesus F**king Christ! This was a HORROR story! I hope she got some PTSD therapy and maybe some healing classes along with the weight loss. Don't get me wrong this is a wonderful success story but her early experience did more to her than just weight gain. I wish her the best continuing success!

  2. Hattie i just watched ur video fron March 2013. I'm sorry for what u had to go through. i weighed 519 and down to 365. i was at 324 but have gained some back. i do relate to some parts of ur story. keep up the good work. and i will try myself to get back on track.

  3. Hattie, I'm so happy that you lived and that you could choose a different road. Wow, I am so proud of you!! I hope that now, you're still working towards that new Hattie and are happier than ever!!

  4. What an amazing woman you are. Your story will inspire more than you know. You are one of the strongest people to come back from what you have suffered. You realise that you are worth it, you are worth being happy and healthy. All the best for the future. Peace and love to you ❀

  5. Incredible Lady. I’m where you were and I feel like I’m drowning. I’ve been that girl that was β€œpayment” and it haunts me every single day. Thank You for sharing and giving a girl like your old self, hope.xxx

  6. Wow! I do not for one second believe her grandfather's sudden clarity was an accident! I'm going to say this—- and let the negative comments come, I don't give a rip—- that was totally GOD reaching out to heal her.
    Shout out to that awesomely handsome dog too!


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