How to Get a Flat & Sexy Tummy. Best 90Secs Lower Abs Workout! No More Excuses!


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Best Lower Abs Home Workout. No more excuses to burn Belly Fat and get rid of Muffin Top. This short 90 secs Lower Abs workout will target and burn the unwanted tummy fat successfully.

So stop saying you do not have time to workout! Do me a favour and spare only 90 seconds a day. =)
Each moves are explained in detail and easy to follow.

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  1. Hi that's great I feeling a bit different..going to try all different work out from your videos..desperate to loose my low tummy and my waistlines..thank you.. you is my inspiration!

  2. hi u r very amazing
    I have questions
    1) I have 38 inches of waist and tummy can I get 6 pack abs with these exercises u demonstrate
    2) how much time I have to this each day if u have to make my waist 29 inches in 3 months

  3. My back really hurts while doing these excercises. My doctor says there no problem with my back though. Maybe I'm doing them incorrectly or have really weak back muscles?m

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