Benefits I experienced going Vegan


Talking about a few of the dozens of benefits I’ve felt since taking meat and dairy out of my diet.
Yes thats me in the thumbnail.

Feeling 100%
Better skin
Teeth & Gums
Stronger Joints
No Body Odour
Biodegradable trash
Lost weight
Closet to correct BMI
Food appreciation
More focus
Self Confidence
Greater Will Power
Stronger immune system

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  1. I do water only hair washing too, and coconut oil as well for a deep conditioner sometimes. I've been doing it almost a year now and I can honestly say that I could never go back to hair products!! I'm also a week into Veganism as well. I don't miss meat or dairy at all, and I've noticed a change in my skin and energy levels. 🙂

  2. Nice flip! The hydration part is so true. I also noticed that my increased energy helps me to clean the heck out my house, you smell better, you think faster, skin is balanced. I agree with what you're saying.
    Thanks for the advice of not being preachy. Sometimes when you feel great, it's so hard to keep your mouth shut, and just be an example.

  3. Nice annecdotes. How about some of the scientific evidence that is more compelling? I can backflip too, and I am vegan too, but "Backflip tho" isn't an intellectual argument. JuJu Mufu is not vegan, and he is a tricker/bodybuilder that can backflip. Being able to backflip is irrelevant. Use Teatree shampoo and conditioner, It's vegan and cruelty free.

  4. Timothy, you are truly amazing. I wish I had found your channel sooner. Your approach is so real and down to earth and straightforward. You make me feel proud to have chosen vegan. You make me feel brave and less afraid to begin that new generation, to break the wheel (to quote daenerys). Someday when I have children I want them to inherit this deep, profound way of life. I want them to inherit the best of me. I want to be at my peak when I have them. I've been watching these videos of yours and I'm just really grateful for for not only the information and stories of your experience but for how you communicate them. You have a gift. And your breakfast video with the vita coco box in the blender made me laugh. Subtle British humour at its best.

  5. Man i love you man you and Ralph smart were the biggest inspiration for me to go vegan. Over two years Plant based right now and the best choise i ever made. It transformed my life from a foggy minded, unhealthy looking , lack of energy, stressed out half dead dog into a living, clear minded,clear skined, heallthy full hair, lots of energy a overal healthier and even more spirtually person i even got my kundalini awakening because of this diet i now orgasm daily without relapse the electric kundalini energy raises all over my body my chakras are being opened

  6. This is an older video, but but the meat brain theory has been shown to be wrong and the consumption of carbohydrates is the actual cause of increased brain function. I should also point out that if eating meat was responsible, then why isn't the same true for carnivores, that eat mostly meat ?

  7. What If I can't get results in vegan diet and feel really dead inside? Maybe that justify me.. because is the truth of my experience, 6 years and then quit, now restart for some months but itsnt working well


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