No-Flour & No-Sugar Peanut Butter Oat Cookies : Recipes for Diabetics


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Peanut butter oat cookies don’t always need to use things like flour and sugar if you don’t want them to. Learn about no-flour and no-sugar peanut butter oat cookies with help from a registered dietician in this free video clip.

Expert: Liz Beechler RD, LD
Bio: Liz Beechler RD, LD, is a registered dietician in Idaho and Oregon.
Filmmaker: Jeff Goodey

Series Description: You always need to be very careful when making any kind of treat that is intended for a diabetic. Learn about delicious diabetic recipes that you can make at home with help from a registered dietician in this free video series.


  1. Splenda has been tested extensively and it has been proven safe. The only adverse affect that I am aware of is it MAY negatively impact the bacteria in your stomach. I find it funny how people promote stevia as a safe, natural alternative. Stevia, by the time you consume it, is so refined it is exactly like sucraolose or any of the other artificial sweeteners. It is broken down into its chemical composition and has no resemblance to its natural, plant state. I think the reason SOME people put on weight who consume artificial sweeteners is because they feel they are entitled to eating more since they are being responsible in eating no calorie sweeteners. Responsible eaters do not use no calorie sweeteners as a green light to overeat but rather to reduce calories. These people who are putting on weight despite the fact that they are consuming artificial sweeteners only means they are eating too much. It is not the fault of the no calorie sweetener that they are putting on weight. How about a little personal responsibility.

  2. Hey…if you think Splenda is strange because of it's sugar content….many holiday cookies for diabetics recipes here online have butter and sugar in the recipes, use regular dipping chocolates etc.. This whole making cookies for dietetics is new for me…and i don't trust the net lol. Sugar? Wait…what? Like Spoider Fan commented…..I don't want to kill my mother lol.

  3. Instead of sugar can I use glycerine it's a liquid no sugar but it's very sweet tried very nice I think my oven would have to be on 180dg 300 to high my biscuits were dark in colour but nothing to complain it's just my first round next time I'll get it right


  5. I need to stop reading the comments here… people: 1. she is not fat. 2. google the word diet and its different meanings. By the way, if you are looking for losing weight, you are checking the wrong recipe. It states specifically it is for diabetics, not people who want to lose weight. 3. Honey is not a substitute for sugar, it is sugar in a different form – not good for diabetics or people with problems digesting certain types sugar. 3. Sugar IS more harmful than splenda if you are a diabetic or a person with problems digesting certain types of sugar. So if you are healthy, good for you!!! Not everyone fits your cathegory though. What is healthy for you may not be healthy for everyone else. I for instance cannot eat fruit either…. healthy for a lot of people, but harmful to me. 4. "You should use Stevia": well, that is your opinion. Stevia tastes awful and is so highly processed that you can't really say it is a "natural" option. It is really isn't. 5. it is a cookie recipe for crying out loud! It will have lots of calories, what the heck were you expecting, a miracle? And all cookies are somehow "harmful", but they are a pleasure to eat. It is a comfort food. If you don't eat a whole batch everyday for a year you should be fine and survive to live another day (or is it live to survive another day?). 6. thanks for the recipe. 7. The end.

  6. First, splenda is no good for you, secondly, that isn't Splenda alone, but a sugar splenda mixure, people will freak if they use splenda by the cupful and ruin the whole batch!

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