My Weight Loss: Before & After (Pictures)


Hey everyone! I hope that everyone who requested this video enjoys it!

Please take it for what it’s worth. I also want you all to know that I do not associate ‘skinny’ with being beautiful or happy. Happiness and beauty comes in all shapes & sizes. Weight loss is seriously such a meaningful topic to me as it is something that I have experienced. Right now, my main goals are to be healthy, feed my body the right kinds of food & tone up! Thank you for your ongoing support!


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  1. Hi, I'm so thankful you share this experience with us it really hard to loose weight.
    I love to see more weight lose and make up video. By the way love your new hair color and your makeup can you also to recipessss pls

  2. You are seriously the best. I found you because I want to get a boob job, and now I cant stop watching all the rest of your videos. I couldn't agree more with everything you have said. It drives me nuts for the skinny people to post work out videos because they have always been skinny! You are so inspirational and I really love watching you even though that sounds creepy haha.

  3. Hey I was looking around on YouTube and came across your this video.. I'm 16 and 5'2 and around 175 i think and I'm not very comfortable with ya know my self and any tip your have on losing wait would be fantastic!

  4. You were adorable and still are. I know what you're talking about when you say you "felt like you were trapped in your own body." I've been working on weight loss for a few weeks and it is hard. Good for you for not giving up 🙂

  5. I totally understand how you feel. I've struggled with my weight since 2nd grade, and it hasn't gotten better. I try my best to stay away from junk food and soda, and I have soccer every day after school, and I still haven't seen results. I'm concerned because even though I am tall, it still does show. I also really annoys me because some of my skinny friends will sometimes ask me "am I fat? I'm so fat." And it really makes me feel bad, like if they're fat, what am I? I've always felt like, "oh, if I was skinny I'd do that." I feel like it's almost controlling my life, and I'm tired of it. Half the time, I'm thinking about how much better I'd be if I were skinny or I'm just comparing myself to other people. I don't just want to lose the weight for other people, but I want to for myself, so I can feel more confident. And I know, I shouldn't compare myself to others, and I should be comfortable in my own body. But honestly, I just want to be healthy and skinny. The only thing is that it can be really hard to lose weight because of my low metabolism and fruit allergies (yes, you can be allergic to fruit). The only fruits I can have are raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries, and I don't like two of those, which I guess shouldn't matter. Either way, this video has really helped. It's nice to know that someone went through the same thing that I am going through right now, and that they know exactly how I feel. Thanks for the video💜💜 even though it's old but whatever😂

  6. yes!!! I also can't stand when people who have never been fat giving weight loss advice. well said 🙂 theres a difference between having to lose 5-10 pounds and having to loose 50+ pounds. the journey is different.

  7. I'm sorry but why shouldn't someone take beauty advice from someone just because they are overweight? I'm keeping in mind that this video was made in 2013 so cutting some slack. But i feel like you make overweight people out to be disgusting or something. I don't know rubbed me the wrong way…

  8. I'm grateful I was chubby and awkward looking as a kid because then when I turned thin and above average in looks, i managed to stay humble (well, I had my prideful phases but worked through them) and remember the important things in life. I'm 40 now and still attractive but I'm now at the point in life where my looks are slowly declining (in my opinion anyway). And while it causes me some anxiety because I've become used to being considered attractive and I'm not exactly excited to go back to how I was treated by society growing up, at least I'm prepared for it and I can ease myself into it mentally speaking starting now. Because at the end of the day life isn't about our looks, it's about who we are on the inside. We all grow old and die and it's important we embrace this reality and go with it, not try to fight it. This way we can enjoy the journey more.

  9. I understand what you have been going through. I was skinny until I had twin girls at 30. I gained 55 pounds and I slowly took it off. I went through some personal issues and my mother passed away which helped me to gain 45 pounds and have some depression and anxiety at 43 with Premenopause. Seeking out a counselor for mental help a trainer to help me get my body on track and watching some youtube and Instagram girls and of course, my girls have helped me to stay living my best life. Also knowing that every youtube, Instagram, and celebrity will be going through this midlife crisis when they get my age. I'm so happy that you found a way to keep your weight off and keeping it off. I am 51 and I am better than I was in my 20s


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