Richard Neal on ABCs 20 / 20 Biggest Loser Extreme weight loss


Richard Neal here… I would like to thank you for watching my videos.. it is truly an honor to even know that you are watching my videos. When I started my Journey to start working out to P90x or what most people call Px90 I never knew that my Beachbody Transformation would win me $100,000.00 doing the Beachbody Challenge but one thing that I did know is that changing my life to help others change theirs was so rewarding because I knew that no matter if I was teaching myself new eating habits, learning to eat clean then adding other Beachbody programs like Insanity, Les Mills, Pump, Combat, Turbofire and yes I will admit it.. Brazillian Butt Lift… I can sit here all day talking about all of the at home fitness program I have done but more importantly the people I have come in contact with from being Morbidly Obese into having six pack abs.. but MORE importantly I have found Christ through this life journey of wanting to now change the world. People like John Lennon , Bono, Eddie Vedder, Martin Luther King Jr. and many more have inspired me to know that no matter who you are and where you come from.. you can make an impact to change.. so I will finish with this if you have any questions what so ever. Do not hesitate to contact me through my website or email [email protected] because the only way you can learn to eat healthy Learn workout modification or eve learn to just start to make a change in just not you but so many others.. be sure to contact me and give me some feedback on how these youtube videos are making you feel because I would like to know how I can be a better me.



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