The Alpha M Diet Plan: Lose Body Fat and Gain Muscle


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In this video professional male image expert and men’s style consultant, aaron marino, talks about what he eats and how he stays in great shape. The Alpha M. Diet Plan will help you lose fat and gain muscle with a simple to follow food formula. Nothing complicated, nothing drastic… just sold diet plan that is easy for anyone to follow. Please consult with a physician if you have any medical conditions before starting any workout or diet plan.


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  2. I find it funny that I use Alpha M to remember which type of cells in the pancreas secrete insulin and which produce glucagon. Glucagon breaks down glycogen in the liver when glucose levels are low which eventually leads to a loss of weight (if you don't eat fuck tonnes because your hungry), and the cells in the pancreas (islets of Langerhans) are the Alpha cells. Get it because Alpha helps you lose weight and burn off calories.

  3. Inside seventh day mark I had already dropped 9 lbs from just following “sowo amazing plan” (Google it). Due to Google, I could find fantastic plan

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  6. Sir, I appreciate your meal this an awesome detailed diet plan that I ever wanted……. Thank you soooo much and your other videos are great You are the best….. But I just want to know that how could I divide my meals…… means what time which meal should be taken if explained can be thankful

  7. hey im 13 alomst turning 14 in september and I want to lose weight because when Im around girls I for real hold my breath so can suck in my stomach and like last year I didnt have as big of man boobs as I do now cuz im out of school and when Im in school I lose weight cuz Im in football and we lift but I quit cuz we play with 9th graders and there huge as in fat like on guy is 6ft 7in and weighs like 300-400lbs!!! and there is no way I am going to practice with that. Last time I got weighed I weighed 180 something and I have always been a big boy when I was little too but I wasnt obbese I was just over weight plus Im mexican so youn already know that I cant lose weight cuz my moms food is frikin good lol jk but yeah and my friend says that when I hit puberty Ill probably get taller and get skinnier but idk cuz my mom and dad are both short there like 5ft 4in do all guys hit puberty and get skinnier?

  8. Just Google “lyly amazing guide” and you’ll find the best diet program there is or ever had been. Our sister shed 18 lbs on this diet and I have personally already burned off some 13 pounds and I’ve are just starting. Read all about it on Google.

  9. don't overeat in proteins, use this factor 1.3-1.7 gram of protein for every Kilo of bodyweight (only within 25% body fat) Buy bio-animal products (for the kids in America, they give their animals so much shit you can better go vegan over there) Eat twice as much fruit/veggies as you normally do cause you use a lot of vitamines/fiber. Cook meals you can store in the fridge and eat it for lunch (not in the morning this promotes fat storage) 7 out of 8 times you drink water, not freaking Coca Cola or orange juice… You can make muscle while loosing fat, a lot of people tell you to go bulk, but I rather look good everyday instead of only the summer.. Watch a lot of Atlean-X to learn great exercises and above all have fun doing it. And when you achieve that six-pack like I have it's so worth it 🙂

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