The mathematics of weight loss | Ruben Meerman | TEDxQUT (edited version)


This is the edited version of The Mathematics of Weight Loss presented by Ruben Meerman.

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  1. I don't understand the climate change comment. Can someone explain ? What does the number of years since its been created gotta with it ? Not just fossil fuels burning cause climate change, animals – as well (ie "young stuff") do by releasing methane. A CO2 atom released in the atmosphere is a CO2 atom released no matter how old it is….

  2. Makes sense, yep. However I lost 30lbs and barely went for a walk, it was just a change in diet, eating less. I have always heard that to lose weight its 70 percent what you eat, 30 percent how much you move.

  3. This man's intentions are the very best but if I "eat less" and my primary diet is candy bars, I'll lose very little even if I move more and, on top of that, I'll wreck my vascular system. There are better and worse ways to accomplish a weight loss.

  4. Great talk but in the end the simple message misses the underlying complexity of losing weight because it misses out how hormones, environment, diet, and lifestyle impact metabolism. For some people eating less and moving more will cause their metabolism to react in ways to "protect" their energy stores so that their daily total energy expenditure stays constant. These mechanisms include subtle changes in body temp, less spontaneous movement, or more commonly with those who take the eat less, move more theory at face value raging hunger that eventual erodes peoples will power. When you look at it this a calorie is not a calorie, food quality as well as other factors such as sleep are more important than eating less and moving more.

  5. This guy doesn't understand photosynthesis, sun light doesn't give plants mass, the carbon in the air does. Bit ironic considering the way he's presenting weight loss but doesn't understand it's basically the same thing in reverse for plants.

  6. You don't know where oil came from, it only a guess. Ask how massive oil Fields are under miles of ocean, ice, and how drained fields from 100 years ago now have more oil. Your ignorance discounts everything you said before it.

  7. Yah, no need to introduce yourself or your topic, after all this is the last talk of the day, unfortunately, it is the first video I am watching and don't know who the heck you are, what your background is or why you are talking about this topic. Maybe a good mathematician but a lost speaker. So, I decided not to watch further.


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