Vegan Diet Made Me So Weak I Can’t Even Train With The Worlds Fastest Cyclists.


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  1. Im a meat eater just because it tastes so good. Although, for a healthier lifestyle and clean blood and body from bad fats and hormones i would recomend only green food.

  2. Really,, you are finished at 40?? wow, that does suck! – I am 45 and I am fitter, stronger and more active than I have ever been on a high carb vegan lifestyle. Life actually began for me at 40, I was dead before then, still eating dairy in my 30s and never enough fruit and not enough energy. But now …I am like a steam-roller on steroids and cherishing every second.

  3. I feel better and more "myself" as I grow older. I am infinitely happier, and making new discoveries each day. I think most people living full lives agree with this sentiment. If you're looking back, not forward, you're doing life wrong, mate.

  4. There are supplements… Not banned substances that will improve performance. L- Carnosine, R- Lipoic Acid, Ubiquinol, Creatine Hydrochloride just to mention a few. Sesame seeds enhance red blood cell oxygen carrying capacity. Our Sanddune exercise device will allow you to hit 5 contractions per second to improve your spin rate.

  5. Fact: animal proteins are complete protiens plants are not. When animal proteins are broken down into amino acids your body can make any new proteins it needs from it. Your body also can absorb animal proteins better than plant. Not saying should change your convictions, just pointing out facts.

  6. I was never competitive but I rode with a domestic pro team for about a week at cycling camp in Rome back about 12 years ago. One guy eventually became a top sprinter for Saxo. No power meters back then and was I in for a big surprise those first few days. I was getting dropped every day. I was literally bleeding all over from pushing so hard against the bars just trying to make more wattage. Then about five days into it something just clicked and I started making more and more power. When I came back stateside my regular riding crew were speechless at how high a cadence I could maintain in Indurain gears. 

  7. becoming vegetarian and then going to veganism took me to the best physical shape of my life. my anaerobic ability has not improved to the extent my aerobic capacity has. it skyroketted with less long chain saturated fat and total removal of cholestorol that comes with being vegan. i have no problems getting adequate protein contrary to what many people think even consuming 2000 calories from fruit you'd be getting 50g protein typically, granted you're amino acid profile in a fruit-only diet isn't complete but i'm not getting 2000 calories from fruit anyway, i am not ignorant to the amino acid profiles of nuts, grains, legumes, etc i watch my essential amino acids and essential fatty acids, i also supplement vitamins&minerals. i consider my diet 1,000,000 times better than 99% of the population nutritionally and the added environmental benefits are a plus too. the world would benefit from a vegan lifestyle 

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