World' Fattest Women – 728lbs! What Does She Eat On Her Primal Paleo Diet?


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  1. Huge amounts of anything will get you fat. However no human can eat enough corn or process enough corn or fruit in a day to ever do what this woman did. Not to my knowledge anyway.
     It's not like animal products magically put fat on you, I eat a few eggs a week and a serving of meat a day and am leaner than durian, to be fair though I'm 26 years old. Calories in vs calories out will always hold true for weight gain because of the laws of thermodynamics. Excluding water and crap obviously. The problem with fat and meat and animal products in general is they are sooooo insanely calorie dense and these calories are not easy to use quickly through exercise, unlike a banana which you can eat then spin out in a bike a few hours later.

  2. i feel like you dont just get fat from eating fats and if you think that then your rather unintelligent, sugar plays a massive role in peoples weight i have cut my sugar intake right down and have managed to lose 5kg in two weeks i can still eat other things. doesnt your vegan diet rely heavily on fats from nuts?

  3. Wow! Does it make you feel better by talking trash about someone else????
    Dude, I know people who are over weight and they don't trash others the way you're doing…
    You know what they say about people who need to trash others… "To make them self feel better". Don't know who or even if someone has convinced you your terribly ugly, but you may just not be if you'll quit trashing others 🙂

  4. HEALTHY FATS and PROTEINS are important in order our body to function well! It's all about CARBOHYDRATES!!! If you eliminate CARBOHYDRATES from your diet and stop consuming processed meals YOU BE SURPRISED HOW QUICKLY YOU WILL START LOSING ALL YOUR FATS!!!! The video author is absolutely lack of knowledge and education person.


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