Blood results / TSH levels after 3 months on Iodoral / vegan 80 10 10 / 80 5 15


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Summary :

TSH levels dropped from 3,65 in October 2013 to 3,03 15th January 2014.
I am taking Iodoral and its Co-Factors since November 2013.

I ve started by taking half a pill (6,25 mg) for about 1 week
Then i took 1 whole pill (12,5 mg) for about 2-3 weeks.
Afterwards i started to take 2 x 12,5 mg . That is also my current dosage.

My PMS symptoms which i used to have 1-2 weeks before my period were gone in December. Also the itchy lower legs which i ve had since september 2013 were almost gone.

End of december i started to run again (all year in 2013 i didnt do a lot of sports / didnt feel like it) . So far i ran about 90 / 100 km. Since 2-3 days my boobs hurt again and my period is probably gonna start in 4 days. I dont know yet if i just did too much sport for someone having thyroid issues or if i excreeted too much iodine through my sweat.

Note : it is always the BEST to do this all with professional support. If u r vegan, i would recommend you to contact Don Bennett .
I personally did contact a naturopath here in germany, who offers Iodine loading tests but she just told me, that a vegan Lifestyle is never able to balance hormones. …. great i thought.

It would probably be difficult to find a naturopath (or someone like that) that supports ur lifestyle (veganism) and also supports you with ur Iodoral supplementation.


  1. could u maybe like me to the naturopath in germany, i don't know how to find someone in austria, who at least does the loading test.
    and was the loading test vegan?
    did the naturopath know about the right testing, co factors and all that?
    if u think she's good (except no research on vegan health), then i guess i will drive to germany in some time.
    my latest tsh was 19,29 yUml
    and how are u doing rightnow?
    did your tsh go further down?
    any help would be very apreciated.


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