8- Minute No Equipment Metabolic Workout (Total Body)


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Then you’ll love this 8-Minute No Equipment Metabolic Workout (Total Body) where I coach you through the entire fat-burning metabolic workout. Tell me if I am wrong, when you CHOOSE to take time out of YOUR busy schedule to have a love/hate relationship with exercise you DON’T want to waste your time, right?

Here is why doing short (5-30 minute) metabolic workouts is the answer to efficient, calorie-burning, and fat-melting exercise:

1.) Increased Metabolism

The ultimate goal of most workouts should be to gain lean muscle mass and metabolic resistance workouts are KING at creating lean muscle. Lean, strong muscle is the ultimate metabolic booster and fat-burner. What better reason to incorporate a circuit training workout?

2.) Increased EPOC (Energy Post Oxygen Consumption) or “calories burned after your workout”

An added benefit of metabolic strength training is that you not only burn calories during exercise, but also for 12-24 hours AFTER exercise. A high intensity metabolic workout tends to increase your energy consumption post exercise, which leads to a higher resting metabolic rate!

3.) Stronger Core

Most metabolic workouts use compound core movements that “force” you engage certain muscles of the core (abs, breathing muscles, obliques, etc..) that you normally wouldn’t activate during cardio. If you want a tight, strong attractive core, add a few mountain climber variations.

4.) Regulate Your Hormones

A good short-intense metabolic focused workout will do two things: increase growth hormone (helping build lean muscle) and keep cortisol low (helping reduce muscle breakdown). Cortisol can be a fat-burning hormone, IF the right internal environment is provided. Metabolic workouts that focus on building lean muscle and keeping stress hormones low, do just that.

5.) Improve Cardiovascular Capacity

Although you aren’t technically “doing cardio” while performing a metabolic workout, you will exercise your heart and cardiovascular system. In fact, you will be making your system more efficient by NOT doing long bouts of cardio and instead elevating your heart rate more like a rollercoaster (up and down).

6.) Build Lean Muscle

Very few workouts help you burn fat AND build muscle at the same time. Cardio helps you burn fat, but ultimately will cause you to lose muscle. Metabolic strength training, on the other hand, builds lean muscle mass AND burns fat calories, through regulating fat-burning hormones.

7.) Faster Fat Loss Results

By using compound movements and “bang for your buck” exercises you will achieve your weight loss results at a faster rate than any other form of exercise. Try metabolic workouts for one month and see for yourself.

8.) Prevent Obesity and Disease

Exercise, specifically metabolic exercise, is the best form of preventative medicine, outside of real food eating. Living a sedentary lifestyle and only doing cardio is a recipe for obesity and potential disease formation.

9.) Increased Energy

If you are experiencing any fatigue during the day, you may not have a very efficient metabolism. Building lean muscle and reducing excess fat will improve your cells ability to produce energy.

10.) Better and Sexier Body

Sure, there are many physiological benefits of exercise and we all know that in order to have a sexy outside, you need a sexy inside. Boosting your metabolism and creating health through metabolic resistance workouts provides the internal environment that helps your external body look amazing! Metabolic workouts = healthy fat loss = sexy body!

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  1. Okay so this is the deal. I am thinking of thinking of the Metabolic program with weights with the other guy. Do you offer a program with weights and can you get your program in CD's?( I don't always have a computer around me)

  2. So can I mix up the order of exercise or is there a reason for it to be lined up this way? I face crazy muscle fatigue when I transition from plea squats to split squats which makes it hard for me to keep up with 20 seconds. Was just wondering if mixing the order would make any difference?

  3. Excellent Video! Sorry for the intrusion, I would love your thoughts. Have you tried – Parlandealey Chiseled Physique Process (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a smashing exclusive product for Increasesing your daily metabolic rate without the headache. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my cousin got great results with it.

  4. This is a very effective workout for people over 40. Metabolic workouts are highly recommended for that age range instead of aerobics to lose weight. I could literally feel fat burning while in bed the same night I did these. The next morning I felt lighter in my clothes. You will lose weight doing this and cutting calories.


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