The Biggest Loser: Rachel Frederickson’s Weight Loss Drop Stirs Up Controversy


Rachel Frederickson’s drop from 260 lbs. to just 105 lbs. is stirring up controversy.


  1. This is so stupid lol . There’s nothing wrong with loosing weight fast , 1-2 pounds a week ? With fasting, eating right and exercise you could loose up to 10 pounds a week . Why would anyone settle for 1-2 pounds a week ? She’s healthy and has muscle. Simplest way to put it , they’re only saying this so the people who didn’t loose the weight don’t feel bad about themselves

  2. Rachel is just fine. She can easily gain weight. With 250k, she eat the right & balance foods out there. Her BMI is 18, she can bumped it to 24 anytime. It’s easy to gain but it’s hard to loose weight.


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