Bodybuilding MealPrep for Beginners (Vlog #5 Chicken and Potato Meal Prep)


Vlog#5 Chicken and Potato Meal Prep

Hey guys, here’s a video on how to prep for your week. Tonight, I’m cooking 5lbs of chicken marinated with some mexican pollo recipe and lemon. I also prepped some potato yams for some great carbs.

The George Foreman Grill will do you some work for taking away unwanted oils and fats. Order it online or some convenience store like Walmart/ Target.

Biggest Loser Weighing Scale. Found in Walmart or Online. Really great gadget to get exact gains.

That’s a wrap, I weigh 160 lbs, on target for 165 in a two weeks. Then CUT.


I do not own or have copyrights to the music used in this video.



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