13 UNCOMMON Facts About Excess Skin After Weight Loss


13 UNCOMMON Facts About Excess Skin After Weight Loss

One of the questions that I get all the time is, “Coach Todd, I lost all this weight and thats awesome, but now I have this excess skin after weight loss…How can I tighten up my loose skin?”

This question is not a simple one sentance answer and its not some magical potion or cream that is going to tighten excess skin after weight loss. There are actually 13 UNCOMMON facts about your excess skin that you need to know that will help you formulate a plan of attack to tighten it all back up (if possible)

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02:05 – Loose Skin Fact #1
02:34 – Loose Skin Fact #2
03:30 – Loose Skin Fact #3
03:53 – Loose Skin Fact #4
FAIL! – Loose Skin Fact #5
04:27 – Loose Skin Fact #6
05:01 – Loose Skin Fact #7
05:41 – Loose Skin Fact #8
06:17 – Loose Skin Fact #9
06:58 – Loose Skin Fact #10
07:54 – Loose Skin Fact #11
09:08 – Loose Skin Fact #12
09:52 – Loose Skin Fact #13
10:55 – Loose Skin Fact #14

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  1. Okay so I am a 14 year old girl 5'7" and used to be 281 pounds at my heaviest (I carry weight unbelievably well people think I weigh in the low 200s high 100s) I've lost 32 pounds so far in less than three months and I'm worried about loose skin. What do you think will happen?? Love your videos btw

  2. intermittent fasting makes your body produce a hormone that keeps your muscles and lean muscles sizes from decreasing plus if you eat protein and exercise you can even grow a lot of muscles ! looks really good but i wonder about the loose skin since it's still like a very quick way of getting slim maybe too quick … what would you recommend or what's your opinion on that

  3. i am barely 16 years old and when i wad like 12 i weighed like 130 something pounds..and now i weigh like 90 or 100 and the loose skin i have is a little pouch inbmy belly thats it

  4. Todd you make the most sense out of all these video's I have been watching I am trying to lose 150 lbs in the next two years 75 a year it took time to put it on and it will take time to take it off. thank you

  5. What foods do you recommend to help with the elasticity of skin? I'm on a weight loss journey and would like to include those foods into my diet already, if I haven't already.

  6. Great video but you do realise u are like 12-13% bf u still have a few more pounds to drop maybe get down to sub 10% and then see how visable they are

  7. So what you're saying to me is It is hopeless if you have been big your whole life So pretty much if you don't have money to have surgery you're fucked Well I guess I'm screwed

  8. Thanks for the words of wisdom! I'm down 12 lbs on my journey of 80 and just started thinking about this subject. You're very encouraging. Keep up the good work!

  9. I love this weight loss green store tea because its made from all natural ingredients. I know its working because my late night cheesecake addiction has died. I can't wait to be slim and trim by summer..

  10. Your videos are great! liked and subscribed… p.s Don't pay any mind to the trolls and haters you'll find them in every comment section on YouTube. Some people are just miserable

  11. Your videos are great! liked and subscribed… p.s Don't pay any mind to the trolls and haters you'll find them in every comment section on YouTube. Some people are just miserable

  12. Would have been nice to hear your video had to put phone right to my ear. Could be my phone but if not try making next videos louder. Who knows maybe with age im going deaf 😮

  13. Appreciate it brother. Ive gone through the same problem even though I've lost over 50 pounds and working out power lifting and running five days a week. Mines probably about as bad as yours but it still bothers me, im hoping to get big enough to the point where the muscle fills in the loose skin. your positivity is greatly appreciated coming from a guy who is going through the same Thing. To most its probably not a big deal but im extremely self-conscious.

  14. I've been fat since i was little, my highest weight was 300lbs and with a long struggle ive lost only 55lbs in 5 years with 30lbs of that this year weighing 245lbs now, with my goal at 135lbs. i have excess skin already on my arms and thighs. im not comfortable enough to go to the gym yet but i know that will help with tightening the skin. i definently dont want surgery and ive been doing do much research just to avoid it. thanks for the info

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