Animal vs Vegan Meat? | Dr. Michael Greger


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Is a calorie a calorie? Does eating the same amounts of calories from different foods play a role with weight loss?

Bananiac interviews Dr. Michael Greger if calories from whole plant foods,like fruits, are the same as calories from meat. The standard procedure that is offered from the dietetics and medical community is to restrict calories to lose weight. This seems to work for many people since it causes them to “eat less crap”. BUT this is not sustainable in the long run. Restricting your calories will cause you to binge the next day.

There are multiple ways to lose weight, like Dr. Greger mentions, but not all of them are healthy. What we want are sustainable way that will allow to be satiated, while at the same time allow us to reach our weight loss goals. Restricting calories WILL NOT WORK! It’s kind of like abstinence programs attempting to restrict teen pregnancies. Good education must be used for any goals we try to achieve.

Foods to focus on that will help you reach your goals are whole plant foods. Foods that are not drenched in oil and salt. A diet centered around whole plant foods will leave you satiated without having to worry about eating too much. In fact, you have to eat MORE on a whole food plant based diet than you would on a standard American diet.

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