Loosing Weight with the Vegan Diet – Downsize Me: Day 67


Here I discuss losing weight with the vegan diet. Show how far I’ve come from when I started eating the vegan diet. Discuss thunder storms and lighting. Also just bought Dr. Douglas Graham’s 80-10-10 audio book. Also explain my channel in greater detail. And I also have some graphics explaining the intention of documenting my eating vegan 80-10-10 while I’m still over weight. Also discuss having the patience of allowing this diet to work. I’m only on day 67, so I am OK with being in this for the long haul. Show a pic of myself a few days before I started the vegan 80-10-10 diet. I decided to go out and get drunk one last time. I planned to quit drinking when I started eating vegan. So far so good. But that horrible picture of me shows you how far I’ve come in less that 80 days. It’s a humiliating photo of me, but I think it’s important to show it for a few reasons. One is that there are a lot of fit people out there telling you to eat vegan. And perhaps to get your start, you need to be inspired by a person who just started and has shown some success. Also, you might feel humiliated about the way you look and perhaps are allowing those feelings to keep you down in the dumps. And you might feel there is no hope for you. You might feel that you shouldn’t even start this diet because you will not be able to keep it up. But if you see the way I look now, in a little over 2 months, perhaps you will be motivated to jump on the 80-10-10 vegan diet. Hope this helps.


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