Losing Weight With a Vegan Diet – Downsize Me – Day 82


Discuss pressure from non-vegans and sticking with your plan. Also discuss having patience and recognizing your own grace in the process. Losing weight by eating vegan and comedy are what you will find on the MinxLabrada channel. So you can expect a blend of comedy and my thoughts on veganism at least 3 times a week. My series, Downsize Me documents my experiences from plunging myself into eating vegan, (opposite of Morgan Spurlock’s, Supersize Me). Hopefully I am inspiring people who are overwhelmed by fitness gurus by making videos while I am still fat. I’m showing people the entire weight loss process. Minx Labrada is a character I created in a sketch writing class. Minx Labrada’s Untamed Forest is like a cross between The Sopranos and Animal Planet. More Minx Labrada adventures are in the works. .


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