Excess Skin After Weight Loss Surgery with pictures


Talking about excess skin after weight loss surgery with pictures of my “during” and “after”

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  1. Thank you Lauren if your insight it really helps. I am one of those people who lost over 200lbs 230lbs to be exact from exercising and eating health only. And this month Im seeing the plastic surgeon and he will let me know whats up. Most likey my extra skin is every where but would just rather them get rid of the stomach area its so annoying. But ill come back and keep you posted to let you know what they say. yhanks again

  2. but the reason why after operaton skin is so loose, is because the loss is too quick. skin is quite elastic. but with fast weightloss it has not time to correctly adjust to changes. the best loosing speed would be LESS than half kg per week…..

  3. Sorry i forgot i commeted here. I didnt wait a year its been 6 months. I actually saw the plastic surgeon 2 weeks ago Tuesday and i got approved. And my insurance will cover it because… mostly my whole body is gonna have to be done. Which you kinda did say in your video and hoping it was true. Yeah so my surgery date is on April 9. They are first doing a body lift on me which means they are going around my whole body area from front to back to lift and pull down. So lets see how fun that'll be. But before and after then ill post videos and tag you in it. And let you personally know how its going.

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  5. I've been watching some of the weight loss videos. they r very interesting to hear the stories of the ppl who have gone thru there surgery's. I'm on my way in September to have bariatric surgery, I'm very excited to have a chance to make a healthy change to my life style. I want to thank those who made videos of there stories after there surgery's. I'm looking forward to reading more. T.y.

  6. I appreciate you sharing your experience, but I know plenty of people who DON'T have skin issues. It is unfair for you to make people think they will automatically have skin issues. That may convince people to not go through with this…

  7. After you reach your goal weight, do they have an amount of time before you can have skin removed? I recently heard you could donate the skin. That's sad they haven't found a way yet…

  8. I'm in the same boat as you I don't even want to look at myself at 330 pounds a year ago but I'm doing it very slow I am at 257.5 and I enjoy it because I'm just taking my time I'm going to lose about a hundred more pounds I want to do it slowly so there won't be that much skin left plus I was at one point 160 and I had a lot of loose skin and so now that I'm back to getting all the way back at that point I'm going to do this slowly like I've been planning on doing it 257 is what I'm at right now and I'm pretty happy right now at that weight but I need to keep getting down because it's for health reasons

  9. Don't you miss all the FOOD?!?!? The volume and quantity of food that you are giving up makes me feel depressed just thinking about it. Especially watching people eating plate upon plate of food at a buffet while I eat 3 spoonsful makes me feel like crying just imagining that lifestyle. And fast food? How can I live with watching everyone lined up at the drive thru while I'm not allowed to eat there anymore. …..I JUST CAN'T GIVE UP THE FOOD. I can't. How do you feel when you watch people enjoying plates and plates of food?

  10. Insurance companies make no sense sometimes. You'd think they would gladly pay to tighten the skin of someone who has gotten healthier, thereby costing the insurance company less in the long run. That's like not paying for birth control but paying the much larger expense of having a baby. Silly, silly!

  11. 16 months ago I was 285 pounds. I'm now 200 without WLS. I guess I am lucky because I have minimal excess skin. I wonder how much this has to do with doing it all naturally.

  12. I'm doing my weight loss journey now, i am currently 286 pounds and my goal is to be 220 pounds and i am planning to lose 2 pounds per week and exfoliate as well as take cologne supplements, eat oranges and muscle build…. im wondering if anyone has done what i am doing and achieved good results… ive been big for 4 years now and i guess i shouldn't be worried about excess skin as much as being healthy but its still in my head


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