ilovekickBoxing.Com sues Biggest Loser Contestant Tara Costa for being "FAT"


Michael Parrella of ilovekickBoxing.Com sues the beautiful Tara Costa that achieved an amazing transformation on The Biggest Loser for allegedly being “fat”?! How does an overweight out of shape CEO of a fitness franchise sue a woman who could out-run, out-swim or out-cycle him for being fat? She is beautiful and has an amazing body she is proud of. Anybody that supports this company should be ashamed of themselves for spending a dime with them. This lame lawsuit and accusation is his only defense for using her image beyond the terms of their agreement. A fat guy who claims to be helping people get fit suing an amazingly beautiful woman for being fat. Wow! ilovekickBoxing.Com will never receive a penny from me how about you?


  1. Ok so this Parrella fella used Tara Costa on this fitness website for 1/2 year past the contract ended. She sued Parrella because she was not being compensated for those 6 months, then in an effort to not pay Tara Costa he is now trying to sue her for being over weight? Interesting. 


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