How to Prevent or Tighten Loose Skin from Weight Loss


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As a fitness professional & someone who’s lost 100 pounds, I’ve been asked in both a personal & professional capacity ALOT of questions involving loose skin from weight loss. In this video, I’ll provide some tips on how to possibly prevent loose skin as you lose weight, as well as methods to improve the look of loose skin AFTER you successfully lose the weight.

If you’re someone who’s shied away from diet & exercise for fear of loose skin, I’m going to first tell you to STOP. You will be making significant improvements in your health & quality of life when you make smart changes to your diet & exercise habits.

It all comes down to collagen & elastin! Genetics, aging & fast and/or excessive weight loss play a role BUT you can aim to improve your collagen & elastin levels to work to prevent loose skin through proper hydration, clean eating, caring for your skin with moisturizers & exfoliants & also dry brushing.

If you have already lost a significant amount of weight or experienced rapid weight loss, you can aim to improve the look of loose skin through continued exfoliation, decompression massage, professional herbal wraps, non-invasive contouring techniques or cosmetic surgery (skin tightening surgery, tummy tuck for abdominal area).

When it comes to the most lasting & effective methods for improving loose skin, cosmetic surgery can be your best bet. Another (FREE) option is to just roll with the changes. I’ve known women who will proudly wear a 2 piece suit with their loose skin revealed and I think these ladies ROCK.

If you know for certain that loose skin would be HUGE issue for you, start saving ahead for cosmetic surgery just in case (best case scenario and you discover your skin has bounced back, you can use the money for a new wardrobe or vacation instead). Research prices and area surgeons to get an idea of cost.

Know too that some health insurance plans WILL cover skin tightening surgery after significant weight loss. It could pay to check with your insurance company on whether they cover, the documentation & conditions required for coverage and all the fine details beforehand so you’ll have your ducks in a row.

Some friends of mine have had plastic surgery for loose skin performed overseas for remarkably less than what would they would have paid in the US. NOTE: I, personally, would not do lose for fear of having to deal with complications far from home. However, if you’re not so risk-averse, no judgements to you!

Don’t let the fear of loose skin prevent you from making positive changes in your life! Do your best to take good care of yourself and your skin, save for the worst or buck up your confidence to enjoy your loose skin much like a Mom does for post-pregnancy stretch marks- as a badge of honor for all you’ve accomplished in weight loss!
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  1. Well…I am still losing those last pounds this summer, and I have to wait and see what it all looks like in the end.  I would like to be able to afford surgery to take care of things that are out of my control after I have done all I can, but it is very expensive and not an option for me at this time.  It still beats being overweight any day, though.

  2. Thank you for the tips Petrina, this is a very realistic video on the subject of sagging skin after a big weight loss, I've lost 50 lbs over the last year after being overweight for a long time, I have 35 more to lose and the loose skin issue is becoming a potential concern for me as well. I hope to prevent a lot of it with nutrition, healthy fluids and exercise, but time will tell. By the way you look great, have a fantastic day =))

  3. Oh how I wish my problem was loose skin! I look forward to it! I've lost 45lbs by the accumulation of a bunch of small changes. I still have 50 more to go. What helped jump start my journey was using suggestive hypnosis tracks while I was sleeping to find the motivation to exercise. Once I had an exercise routine everything else fell into place.

  4. Thank you for being realistic about saggy skin. I had my son when i was 22 ( so it wasn't an age thing) hydrated inside and out, ate clean, gained the exact amount i was supposed to, i did everything to prevent saggy skin that i could. BUT i couldnt fight the stretch marks..or the saging belly. It literally looks like a deflated balloon 14 ! years later. Things that have helped…dry brushing, going vegan (probably due to the amount of berries im eating) and exfoliation. But the number one thing that has helped ..Just accepting it, it is what it is. Im a redhead, my skin is beautiful, but delicate.


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