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I did see a definite difference after 2 weeks of doing this. HOWEVER, I will say you can’t rely on tea to make you fit. For me, it was more of a guide for a healthier lifestyle. The night time tea was probably a bit part of the tummy flattening considering it is said that we carry excess weight in are intestines, so that helped flush it out. Again, you can’t count on tea alone to make you lose weight, but it is a nice guide to get in to the routine of a healthier way of living.

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  1. Fuck sponsored videos their as fake as the bitch advertising them. The only benefit for this is You not the people watching and willing to make a change of themselves. Advertising and sponsors are never real but ripping off people

  2. Just water weight. No one can truly change their body in two weeks. One can start a serious work out routine and if dedicated can start the process of transforming their body. It is a life long commitment that you either make it part of your everyday routine or you don't. There are no shortcuts. I am not posting this to be negative but rather the opposite. I have been consistent for almost 29 years now. I started when I was 14 and honestly never took a week off. I am a single father and my son is handicapped and special needs. If you want it bad enough then you can find time to get in a workout.

  3. I’m looking for these teas… I neeeeeed them bad lol… but they are no longer on Amazon and I can’t find these exact ones… help me!!! Help me please lol…. just realize this video is from 2014!!!!!! I will look to see what good teatox I find!!! Love your videos btw

  4. There are so many negative comments on here, if she is happy and satisfied with the way her body has changed and looks that’s all that matters even if many people don’t see a difference. Sorry just had to say that😁

  5. Just one question: I looked but may have missed it… Can you please send me the link for that Chocolate Energy Tea? Energy is a huge problem for me due to some recent depression issues. So, if it ACTUALLY works, I DEFINITELY need the link for it so I can add it to my detox▪︎▪︎》30 day weight lifting + healthy eating challenge in prep for my cousins wedding. Im 37 and have only seen her and the rest of that side of the family ONCE sf once I was around 14… 15 maybe… And, tho I had a little bit of a weight issue in adolescence & as a teen but pretty much out grew it and have kept myself fluxuating within 10 lbs of my ideal weight for my body and skeletal type which I'm fine with. But, my tummy has NEVER once been flat! No matter how little I weigh and I have only 30 days left to do what I can. Detox and deadlift!! Lol! So, If you have any other tips… & I mean ANY, that might have help me in my quest to get as close to a nice and toned, bathing suit ready "beach body" as I can In less then 30 days, PLEASE, PLEASE, LMK!!! I'd appreciate it tremendously and, if it works, I'll owe you one!!!!!! Anyway Thank you! And, have a good day! Ttys!!

  6. It honestly looks like you had an eating disorder. You look the way you do for a reason. Don’t change yourself unless you are unhealthy. And from my understanding, the “before” picture you had, you looked completely healthy. Belly fat is belly fat. If you don’t weigh 120 pounds as than age of 25, it is scientifically proven that you are too skinny and could lead to later problems in the future. I also don’t appreciate you putting out the message to young girls who watch your channel, to loose weight. You were completely healthy and beautiful before. Girls who are 12,13 or even 11 are self conscious about their weight. And they shouldn’t be. It’s because of ppl like you, who are puttting these videos about being so skinny and healthy to loosing more weight (witch by the way is going to get you obsessed with loosing weight that you are eventually going to so skinny you won’t be able to walk. I am happy to say that I will no longer support this channel, until I see that it is appropriate and not urging others. And that tea, can kill you. 😶


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