How to Tone and Tighten Loose Skin After Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Surgery

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So you just had gastric bypass surgery and your skin seems to hang too much over your belt line or your arms are too saggy.

What are some tips to tone and tighten these problem areas up. In this video, I give a few tips that will help you to do just that. I know all about gastric bypass surgery since my ex wife went through it all.

As a weight loss coach, I also know the body wasn’t meant to lose weigh as fast as a gastric bypass allows, thus the loose skin that is a result.

Put these natural tips and strategies to use in order to tone and tighten up your skin for good. Also check out our itworks body wraps as they will help you tremendously as well.

Ontarian Hawkins


  1. Why are you against weight loss surgery? At first I thought you were a patient of gastric bypass. Tell me what do you know about the struggle of being overweight to the point of feeling the need to get surgery? I don't understand you and your foolish thinking.

    People have alcohol problems or drug abuse problems, they go into treatment . they go for help.  Some have problems with cigarette smoking, they go to a doctor and get a patch or something similar to HELP THEM stop smoking. Same thing with weight loss surgery. Its all the same process. In order to maintain a drug , smoke, alcohol and obesity free life, a person has to not only get help, but make lifestyle changes to ensure that they don't fall back into the same temptation and habits , that got them to drinking, smoking , or being overweigh t again. Bypass surgery is not a way out!

    Its not a magic trick with the wave of a damn wand. Its work and a person has to put in the exercise and diet changes to make it work. You should have talked to more people who had the surgery, before making this garbage video, giving advice about something you know nothing about. PLEASE.

  2. Thanks for the tips, it was very helpful because I'm not against surgery but I just rather toned up with exercise which I'm pretty sure I'll get better results than instead of the surgery

  3. What is the biggest person you've worked with. I am considering gastric bypass surgery. If I can be successful without surgery I will try. The trainers I've spoken with keep referring me to a doctor.


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