How to Prevent Prediabetes from Turning into Diabetes


Approximately 1 in 3 Americans have prediabetes, but only about 1 in 10 knows it. What works better at preventing it from turning into full-blown diabetes—drugs or diet and exercise?

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I often hear the diet and exercise intervention described as 60% effective. That’s still nearly twice as effective as the drug, but that other study really showed it may be more like 100% in people who actually do it. So is diet and exercise 100% effective or only 60% effective? On a population scale, since so many people won’t actually do it, it may only be 60% effective. But on an individual level, if you want to know what are the chances you won’t get diabetes if you change your lifestyle, then the 100% answer is more accurate. Lifestyle interventions only work when we do them. Kale is only healthy if it actually gets into our mouth. It’s not healthy just sitting on the shelf.

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  1. I have lots of diabetes symptoms. Tiredness, numbness, increased thirst, dizziness and a few more. been tested so many times, but keeps coming back ok. I don't understand. My mum is diabetic and keeps telling me I must be and to be tested. I really think I could be. is it possible to get these symptoms well before it shows in blood work???

  2. There are a few things to try
    have 1 meal daily containing bitter melon
    fresh mango leaves tea
    consume bitter gourd regularly this has an insulin type chemical
    (I learned these and the reasons they work from Ralfs Remedy Method site )

  3. Hello there human that is scrolling down the comments

    I have diabetes and this does NOT WORK. Diabetes can not be prevented. U cant eat healthy'er to prevent IT. So dont bellive

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