How to Heal from Diabetes


How to Heal from Diabetes
Diabetes is a man-made disease. We created it, so we can reverse it. Stop eating processed and genetically modified foods. Eat a plant based diet. Drink more water. Exercise and meditate everyday.
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  1. I love your videos!! Thank you so much! I have an issue that I don’t think I’ve heard discussed …..maybe you could advise me if there’s a solution. I strained mypirifotmus a couple of years ago by sticking my right leg out to stop my motorcycle from tipping.i realized instanty that that was a mistake. Now my leg goes into a crampduring the night behind my right thigh to my knee. It’s a slow cramp that builds my toes are having strange pains and spreading out….my left foot middle toe is constantly sore and my right toe has gout lie pain quite often and it’s sore to lift it up. My A-1C has been high for a couple of years also. It was 5.8 at my last doctor visit. Any ideas if any of this is related to my piriformis issue?

  2. Where’s the mention of flour ,sugar and eating all the time for being the cause of type 2 diabetes??????
    Dr JASON FUNG is the one to listen to if you want to CURE your diabetes.
    High blood sugar is the symptom , the issue is the insulin resistance and it’s a pretty simple CURE.

  3. Pistachio and Macadamia nuts must be hard to grow cause they're out of reach for the under monetized populations of the US and cost a small fortune per pound. I can only afford English walnuts for breakfast or brunch …

  4. My pancreas has stopped working I no longer produce digestive enzymes and sugar level of 12.00 instead of 4 to 7 range in UK. Ì am so scared of my body failing I want to do 30 day but not sure of what vegetables to eat raw . Can you put Apple Cider Vinegar on it as a dressing. SUZANNE SMITH

  5. Diabetes has similar symptoms to scurvy.
    Scurvy is cured by Vitamin C.
    Therefore to prevent diabetes symptoms, take large doses of Vitamin C.

    Reference: Vitamin C is converted to dihydro-ascorbic acid, which occupies a cell sugar channel. Therefore C blocks sugar from getting into the cell. This is a simple mass-transport problem, solved by Vitamin C in large doses. Large doses of C are not bad, rather are good.

    Problem solved.

  6. Dr. Bergman, what do you think about drinking raw apple cider vinegar before meals in addition to all the other wonderful advice given? Diluted in water, of course. Thank you for this video I was recently diagnosed with T2D and prescribed Metformin and high blood pressure meds. I took the Metformin for 2 days and couldn't handle the weird feeling it gave me, I called it chemo-lite. I resonate much more with your natural ways. Thanks again and I thank the Universe for putting your video on my feed.

  7. I discovered “amazing fivu com” (Google it) from my buddy and read it to shed weight as well as treat my diabetic issues. I`d been following a firm fitness and also diet regime. Right after one day on the diet program my own blood sugar levels was decrease about 35 points, and by day Four it was decrease about Sixty points. It has been effective for me personally. I am so happy that I managed to normalize my blood sugar levels..

  8. I cured my husband’s type 2 diabetes by going on a Ketogenic diet. By eliminating all grain products and bad oils like canola oil , soy , corn and sunflower oil his blood sugar and insulin returned to normal .

  9. I don't know, Dr. Bergman, it seems to me that if you actually cured someone of, er, let's say something like "arsenic disease," then they should be able to go back to eating arsenic without a problem. So yeah, there's that. Heh 😉

  10. On another video you said surgeons wanted to amputate her and she said no. Also a neighbor who suggested to go to a chiropractor… Get your facts straight if you want the naysayers to believe you.

  11. I was clinically determined to have diabetic issues several months ago. I am currently Sixty four years old. Getting diabetic issues is really a distress for me, and also the truth that I`ll be enduring the effects of diabetes like my dad. Found out this unique information “Gαjοjο Fivu” (Google it). According to my initial test results, I have 7.3 A1C and 183 for my glucose level. Right after a week of reading the plan, I`ve managed to reduce my A1C to 5.9..

  12. Hello Dr Bergman I know it's not exactly what you work on but my pet dog no joke has just been told he's got diabetes and you need to have two insulin injections one in the morning and one at night is there anyway I can get round this as I don't really like to inject in twice a day also if you could Dr Bergman could you do a video regarding animals as they seem to be suffering the same thing that us dumb humans are suffering please and im sure it would be a best watcher video if you COULD but if you cant could you a line on dogs having diabetes and being on two injections per day many many thanks James Latimer

  13. Very misleading title. "eat your vegetables" is pretty much all he says about curing diabetes. You can get rid of diabetes symptoms by going on a carnivore diet. But it doesn't get 'cured' you still can't keep eating sugars and starches like what's in vegetables.

  14. Can someone please post a list of the raw vegetables that he talks about. And during the 45 days, is coffee a yes or no? Is it just water for drink during those days? Add anything to the vegetables? Cooked or not cooked? Could someone please post the list and answers to my questions, it's very important that I get this, please. Thank you.

  15. The current definition of diabetes is wrong, or at least incomplete. Too much fructose (cane sugar, HFCS, Agave, etc. fruit juice) can give you all sorts of health problems, including Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver, insulin resistance (leading to diabetes), etc. It's also because people don't get enough choline, which protects the liver. Too much Omega 6 & hydrogenated oils are bad, too. The body has many defense mechanisms & usually several have to be breached before you get sick.


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