5 Benefits of Being Vegan | One Year


These are the benefits I’ve noticed over the past year and few months of being vegan. I hope this opens your mind to the idea of the vegan diet, or an overall healthier diet for YOUR lifestyle choice. Eat your fruits and veggies, cuties. (:

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  1. I'm a Ovo-lacto_vegetarian I just can't eat meat anymore but I'm anemic so I need eggs and milk and of course I take my vitamins and eat fruit and veggies much love to you beAutiful ty for all your vids they mean a lot and help

  2. The fact that you don't push veganism in my face, makes it more attractive to me. Some people on the internet just push other people and I get stressed from them. Maybe I become vegan one day (but I like cheese 😮 ) 🙂

  3. I also experienced increased mental clarity and focus while being meat-free. I noticed a difference in how I felt when I slipped up and ate chicken. Like you, I experienced increased energy and even a more positive attitude.

  4. LOL! now i just remembered,, i did try being a vegan like for 8 months… it was going well for my health and thought of being a full vegan, then my family went to visit my aunts and grandma and they were having a feast..i tried looking if there are any vegan foods but all of the food that were served are meat,, it would be dis respectful if i did'nt eat what have been offered to me… so hello meat again.. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and thats why it only took 8 months..


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