Hungry While Cutting? 12 Ways To Reduce Hunger On A Diet


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Hungry While Cutting? 12 Ways To Reduce Hunger On A Diet

Any time you aim to lose a significant amount of body fat, a certain level of hunger and food cravings are inevitable. Although you usually can’t completely eliminate hunger on a diet, here are 12 ways to reduce it down to a more manageable level…

Key Tips To Follow If You Feel Hungry While Dieting:

1 – Maintain only a small 15-20% calorie deficit and focus on losing about 1-2 pounds of fat per week.

2 – Consume 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight daily. Protein is the most filling macronutrient and is the most useful for reducing appetite.

3 – Get at least 20% of your total calories from fat per day.

4 – Get in about 15 grams of fiber per day for every 1000 calories you consume.

5 – To fill yourself up and reduce your fat loss hunger, consume plenty of vegetables throughout the day.

6 – Find the meal frequency and layout that works best for you in terms of appetite control and energy levels, whether it be 6 small meals or 3 larger meals.

7 – Drink around 0.6 ounces of water per pound of body weight daily.

8 – Find the right balance between cardio and dieting that works best for you in terms of lowering your appetite, whether that be a larger calorie deficit through your diet and less cardio, or a smaller dietary calorie deficit and more cardio.

9 – Include some HIIT cardio in your plan as it does not stimulate your food cravings as heavily as low intensity cardio does.

10 – Allow for 10-20% of your total calories to come from whatever “cheat foods” you want.

11 – Ensure that you get adequate sleep each night.

12 – Eat more slowly.

If you feel hungry while cutting and dieting, give these tips a try and you should see a marked improvement.


  1. Jaybird I used to do lot of jogging I don't anymore now I do hiit the reason you feel more hungry doing steady pace cardio is because you go go longer duration to run let's say 2 miles then hiit believe or not you stress you body more doing steady pace like jogging then sprinting walking don't count I can walk 4 miles I don't noticed increase on hunger or stress on body I got bad knees if I jog 2 miles after there sore sometimes swollen but if I sprint 2 miles in I
    short explosive intervals I can do that in about 20 min I don't seem to have an issue on my knees and eventually I get hungry cause you body needs to recuperate cant do hiit everyday but the hunger is not the same as liss

  2. unless you training for a marathon I recommend hiit they are different levels of hiit depending on you fitness levels but the process is the same do 1 minute intervals at 50 to 65% of you max then bring the intensity down for 1 minute or choose 30 seconds duration of intervals is totally up to you so if you just starting out start on eliptical and do hiit there eventually you build your way up I started on eliptical then treadmill now I started to do sprints outside its fun the park I go to the paved trail is 3.5 miles long I try do sprint one round twice a week since I'm in the gym 4 times per week I do cardio there to

  3. in my experience the cold showers or keeping your house cool has minimal effect I live in Texas it's hot as hell here my fat loss it's been great hot weather don't seem to affect anything

  4. hey sean…really love your videos…im just dealing with the opposite thing.i am lean bulking…just 250 cals over maintenance and im very very hungry…whatever i eat im hungry after an hour…it begins to be very exhausting and i dont know what to do…can you just help a little…im so dissapointed…

  5. I drink a lot of water when I am hungry not the other way around. In fact, I use it as a guide as to whether I am really hungry or not. If I want to drink a lot it usually means I need food. When I am not hungry I don't want to drink water. Wonder if anyone else finds this?

  6. I counted calories for a week, and gave into my hunger after that. After failing to keep my calories at a certain amount throughout the day i said fuck counting calories, and went straight to intermittent fasting, and eating as much meat, cheese, fruits and veggies as i wanted to, and i finally began to lose fat. My weight stayed the same, but my bodyfat went down really fast, and i got crazy shredded. Counting calories and keeping my calories around 2,500 a day didn't work. I felt really hungry despite eating 2,500 calories everyday, and day by day i felt more and more miserable. Obsessing over calories will cause 99% of you to fail. It might work for some, but i failed doing that.

  7. Im on a cut and its tough. My mood is suffering a lot. I enjoyed my training though. I got sick on my second day so I have to just play it by ear. Helpful. Thank you. Could yoiu do a video on staying upbeat when cutting as its tough lol

  8. Key points if TLDR:

    + Go slow & steady
    + Keep protein high (due to satiety)
    + 20% cals from fat
    + Keep fiber high
    + Eat hella veggies – filling & low calories
    + Optimise your meal frequency, try intermittent fasting
    + Increase your water intake, especially during meals
    + Find a balance between dieting & cardio (personally I try to just hit 10k steps daily)
    + Do some HIIT cardio
    + Allow for flexibility. 80-90% clean, and 10-15% whatever you want. Have some cheat foods here/there
    + Get plenty of sleep
    + Slow down when you eat (ngl, I never do this lol)

    Thanks man!

  9. Im really lost and i have one major question i hope u or someone can answer. I calculated my basal metabolic rate and then my maintenance level and my calorie deficit is around 2100 but even though im cutting calories I honestly dont even eat that much per day like im not hungry like that so wouldnt i just gain weight because im eating more calories than I usually do and because my metabolism isn’t like used to burning that many calories


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