Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery – Dr. Matthew Weiner explains.


We all know that exercise is important for success after Bariatric Surgery. How much is necessary? What type is best? Will it affect the amount of weight I lose or just help with weight maintenance? Dr. Weiner addresses all of these questions and more in this video.

Dr. Matthew Weiner is an author and surgeon who specializes in the treatment of obesity. His view on obesity differs from the traditional understanding of calorie balance driving weight loss and weight gain. Dr. Weiner offers both surgical and non-surgical programs in his office and on his website www.poundofcureweightloss.com. His book, A Pound of Cure, details how to change your diet to mimic the changes that occur directly after undergoing bariatric surgery and produce lifetime weight loss.

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  1. Question:  Why do I have a hard time standing or walking for a short/long time?  I get muscular fatigue in my legs that makes walking a challenge right now.  But this fatigue comes and goes. Is this my diabetes or my weight or both?


  2. Dr. Weiner, I know that you list walking as low to moderate in intensity, but for someone like me who has started this journey at almost 400 pounds, walking briskly is quite the workout for me! Could I consider brisk walking that causes me to sweat and my heart rate to increase quite a bit as weight-reducing? I do have pain in my knees and hips, so I dont' know if I could ever jog…or at least not yet.

  3. Dr.Weiner, you have been so informative and encouraging. i am 22yrs old and just had the surgery. watching these videos keep me motivated and understand the whole process a lot better. Thank-you for taking the time and energy to make these videos.

  4. thanks for covering this. so helpful! I had the sleeve done 3 weeks ago and I struggle with major fatigue. I walk as much as I can daily but it's not much. My weightloss is slow. like 2 pounds each week. I feel like a failure. my doc says it could take another month for my energy to come back. good to have a new perspective on exercise when I am able to get out there and do it.

  5. Dr.W, I just want to update you on my results. I am around an 80lb Weight loss. My whole life has changed. Thanks for the videos. Now I am running everyday and hiking up mountains and I LOVE it. I feel like regular girl with my friends. Started at 240lbs , 5'7.

  6. Hi Dr Matthew, thank you so much for these videos. There's so much information out there that it's difficult to find a single source as informative as yours. I. Have a question, I am getting surgery in Colombia and the only thing that I am nervous about is that you are discharge the same day…should I be concerned? I actually live in MI but my insurance won't cover it.
    Thank you so much for your time.

  7. I just had my VSG and I have been binge watching your videos. I have done cross fit in the past and I’m excited to restart this type of training again and including yoga 🧘‍♀️ thanks so much for the information!!

  8. Hi Dr. Weiner, I am five months post VSG and have been walking 4-5 miles for about a month. I am getting faster and trying to work up to running. I now feel ready to begin weight lifting now, but am worried about making sure I am getting enough calories in. There are days in which I don't eat enough (don't feel hungry) after walking, and get very weak and lightheaded. If I go several days in a row my joints ache and I feel cold and lethargic. I worry that maybe I went too far. I want to push the envelope as far as I can to reach my goal, but don't want to put my body into starvation mode. I can get an idea of how many calories I'm burning while walking/running and adjust my food intake, but I have no idea how to do this with weight lifting. I read online that 5 months post-op 900-1000 calories a day are normal. I assume I need to eat more if I'm exercising? Can you please advise?

  9. Where would a ballet class fit into the "Type of exercise" classification?
    I'm having a VSG in a month and I don't want to drop my ballet training (part of the reason I'm having the surgery, since right now I'm too heavy to dance without harming my body).

    I have Ballet class four days a week for a total of 8 hours a week.
    Also, since you didn't talk about swimming, could you perhaps tell me where that one would fit?

    I really enjoy Ballet, Swimming and TaeKwonDo, and even though I'm willing to try new things, I'd like to also do those I like. I'm just wondering just how useful they would be.

  10. Hello Dr. Weiner,

    Since April 16th 2018 I've been hitting the gym everyday and eating right. Friday June 22nd I got a call and an appointment was set for my first consultation for Bariatric Surgery. So my question is, can I achieve muscle mass post Op? I enjoy working out so much that I'm planning on making a career out of my new found passion. My concern is that with the limited amount of food I'll be able to have I will not be able to fuel my body enough to get the results I want. I'm 40 years old and my start weight was 484. My current weight it's 457. I'm feeling better then ever and I'm okay with the weight coming off at the rate it is. I'm gaining muscle mass and can already see and feel the difference. Ty for the video


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