Diastasis Recti Exercises – Physical Therapy Diastasis Repair Exercises


Diastiasis Recti exercises with Physical Therapist Michelle Kenway from https://www.pelvicexercises.com.au

Gentle core abdominal exercises for Diastasis Recti repair & unsafe abdominal exercises to avoid.


  1. Thanks a lot, Michelle! I'm doing your exercises for about 2 years.It really helped me.I had a very bad previous experience with other Physical Therapists. I'm happy that I found your video in internet. It changed my life quality. It's doesn't matter  where I am, your video always with me. I do exercises every day. Just sometimes I thought what to do with my abdomen? It has become very weak. I was afraid to do abdominal exercises. And now I can fix it! I have only 2 questions: how many weeks after the surgery woman needs to wait for starting exercises and if you have more exercises for abdomen (for women who have or had  a prolapse)?

  2. Hi Michelle! This was very informative, as well as all the other videos and your site! Really appreciate what you're doing! Do you suggest treating a umbilical hernia in the same way? I'm a Pilates instructor, I work out A LOT, and I think I first realized I have a problem with that during my training more than 10 years ago. I work out a lot, and hard I'd say, and I can't imagine doing just these suggested exercises as an ab workout! But I'm also afraid of making it worst or even getting pelvic floor problems in the future (I was referred to your site by an article on SUI). Any comment you might have I'd be grateful, thanks for your time!

  3. Hi Michelle, I have a question regarding the lower back position.  Some people say to flatten the lower back to the floor with a posterior pelvic tilt and others say to maintain the natural curve of the lower back.  Can you please tell me if there is a time to do either specific method and why?  I am lordotic in the lumbar spine and I find that when I try to maintain the natural curve, my lower back hurts and my belly muscles disengage.  Is there something that I am doing in my technique that needs adjusting?

  4. are these exercises good for c-section? I have had three of them. When I try doing any kind of ab exercises, it feels as if something inside me pops inside where my scar is and it hurets terrible as if i just had the surgery. It has been 5 years since the last surgery and I still struggle. I told my doctor and she just said that its the muscle moving.

  5. Hi Michelle?How soon should I see results? In the past it has been frustrating trying to motivate myself to continue without seeing any improvements. Are we talking weeks? Months? I have tried the Tupler technique and unfortunately I just could not find the time to keep up with all the required exercises…plus some of the exercises were just impossible for me to do…Thank you.

  6. Hi mam
    I gave birth to my child 2years back upto now I didn't concentrate on my self I still have diastasis recti can u tell me how to solve this . I want to know how much time it may take to come to normal. Waiting for ur reply

  7. Hi I am 10 years post partum, I have been told it's too late to heal the split tummy muscles, I was very fit and I am not overweight, though now having issues with my lower back, disc problems and digestion, do you think that I can still heal the split? Thanks.

  8. Hello, I had my 4th baby 2 yrs ago and I noticed something wrong with my stomach after my 3rd baby but didn't know what it was until just a few months ago. I did the self test and it seems i do have a separation, I also asked my obgyn to check and she said I do. I don't really how much it's separated it might b 3 fingers but not 100% sure. I wanted to know should I do these exercises with a belly band and should I wear a belly band to bind my abdomen more often? I know some of the unsafe ab work outs but is zumba safe to do, there is a lot of ab movement in the dances? Thanks for taking the time to post this video.

  9. hello before i found out i had diastasis recti in the beginning after i had my baby i was doin crunches..but that was before i found out it was bad for me..now im very worried that its gonna be hard for me to close my gap..do u think if i just do these exercise will my gap close..my baby is 7 months..i really dont want s tummy tuck at ALL! please help..thank!!!

  10. hya michelle and thank you as always… is it safe to get a ball chair when you have a recti diastiasis? and my son is 15 my gap is still huge? I was doing the wrong exercises for years adding to prolapsing. will it still work after all these years?

  11. When I gently engage my deep abdominal muscles (or shortly after) I get a burning sensation right in the center of my lower abdomen (where I would think that my bladder is located). Should I ignore this feeling, or does it mean that I should avoid this exercise?

  12. Michelle, thank you for posting this video. You have done a wonderful job of educating the public about the proper postpartum exercises for Diastasis repair. I will certainly refer my clients to this video.

  13. if I have a 1 to 1 1/2 sepration ok for leg lifts and ab workouts it's not to far apart but it is kinda deep like a little less to half a finger on my hand witch is small

  14. Thank you for sharing! After just following along with the video exercises my lower "mommy tummy" felt sore like it did after child birth so I know for sure something is tightening up 😊


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