Vegan Benefits After One Month


Yesterday’s Video:

After one month of being a consistent vegan I’ve noticed a few changes in my body. I feel lighter, more energetic, no BO post training, and


  1. Just a question. Just sugar intake actually matter? I'm not a veg or vegan although I've considered switching to vegetarian lacto ovo, I worry a lot about sugar intake however as a 6'8 dude and growing in weight I'm struggling getting food in with pure food alone. Is there anyone wrong in sugar terms of having like energy drinks or lucozade etc? I love bananas and yoghurt it's literally my favourite ever dessert however I'm also lactose intolerant so it's difficult to conventionally gain weight with things like milk cakes pizza etc. I know I'd like the idea of being a veg it's the sheer consumption of food that would get me however as I don't like almonds cashews and not massive on peanuts, adore brocolli spinach green peas and apples tomatoes etc. What would you personally recommend? I feel there may be a large struggle for me genuinely with my height and weight with calorie intake as a veg. Thanks!

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